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Big Mill's Cheesesteaks

Big Mill's Cheesesteaks

Bright smile, 'Stallion' work for lunch

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

You know how sometimes it is the little things that will make a lunch special GLOBers?

It was a Friday lunch time and I had an excellent week of managing my blood sugar levels and decided a Big Mills cheesesteak sub should be my reward for a culinary job well done.

JaimeBIGmills"You're the lunch blog guy aren't you," Big Mill's Staffer Ms. Jaime Martin yelled from begin the lunch counter. "What restaurant did you feature today," she asked with a bright smile.

Conversation quickly evolved into lunch as I explained my conflict of enjoying both the BM's cheesesteak sub and the BM sausage sub.  Not only that I have been dying to try one of their Hot dogs.  There is a complet Big Mills menu at the bottom of this page.

"The Italian Stallion Sandwich of the Month is really good," Jaime said pointing to the Sandwich of the month sign on the wall. "It's loaded with simmered beef, au jus, topped with cheese and fantastic Giardiniera Relish, or sweet peppers and it is SO GOOD," Jaime added.

Taking Jaime's advice the Italian Stallion sub with a side of crinkle cut French fries sounded like the perfect lunch to me. Regarding the French fries, I told I had been good, behaving, monitoring my culinary consumption.



Big Mills is a good old fashioned diner full of old fashioned tables chairs and regulars where everyone seems to know everyone else. That makes it a friendly, comfortable lunch stop for the GLOB Master.  You can't call Big Mills fast casual. BM's is your lunch stop loaded with a baseball theme of great old pictures and baseball history.

Before opening Big Mill's Keith Miller had already earned a reputation for his subs, sandwiches selling out of the back of his truck at the gamed day Florida Gator games. That's why after being open a relatively short time this lunch stop has a good size following.

Waiting for my lunch I was thinking about other cheesesteaks in town and how they compared on the Cheesesteak Sliding Yummy scale. There are a couple of other good cheesesteaks including Charley's Philly Steaks in the Oaks Mall, and Piesano's makes a good cheesesteak. The Big Mill's Cheesesteak is right their at the top in the yummy-ness category.



Jaime presented my lunch with a knowing smile and a platter of a steaming hot Italian Stallion sub, well done fries and a very nice accompaniment of fabulously dark and rich au jus, image at the top of this review.

The Italian Stallion was special. The flavors of the marinated beef combined with the tart flavors of the au jus made for a magnificent mouthful of joy. The soft sub roll, and melted provolone cheese complimented the crunchiness of the Giardiniera relish perfectly.



The French Fries were incredibly tasty, crunchy and made me wish I was brave enough get a second helping of fried spuds. I use to have friend that always made a point of getting her fries cooked well done. These spuds would have received her passing grade.

"How was lunch GLOB Master," Jaime asked from across the diner as I was leaving.

I gave her the two thumbs up GLOB Master seal of approval as I happily exclaimed, "I'm coming back!"

The Pluses and Minuses of Big Mills Cheesesteaks:

Big Mills Cheesesteaks + indicators: Excellent monthly sandwich specials.  Happy, custopmer froend;ly place.

Big Mills Cheesesteaks - indicators: none noted.

Offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about Big Mills Cheesesteaks. Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments. - THANKS!




BM's Polish Boy 'Sandwich' is special

APRILspecial250It was Friday and everything was going the GLOB Master's way. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I just published the Daily GLOB to 19,000 subscribers. A fabulous weekend was looking me straight in my face.So to hell with any diabetic counting, measuring, or grading my lunch plans which include Big Mill's Cheesesteaks and my very own order of French Fries. You got it. I was a very happy boy thinking seriously about chopped steak, onions, and cheese over-stuffing a sub roll.

Arriving early I scanned the menu and spied delicious sounding sausage subs the Italian Sausage Sub and the Polish Sausage sub. "Which of those Sausage subs is the hottest," I asked Jamie standing behind the counter.

"The Italian is a little sweeter with the pepper, the Polish sub is a little spicier," Jamie explained from behind the counter.

"Did you see the Big Mill's April Special on the wall," Jamie asked pointing upward toward the specials board. "That's a popular sandwich," she added.

The Big Mill's Polish Boy Special did sound good with Kielbasa sausage, French fried onions, slaw, Cheese Whiz, on a potato roll for $7.75 I decided ordering my fir BM Polish Boy Special.

I like the table in the back corner so I can watch Big Mill's fill up with patrons, and the staff delivers your lunch.

My Sub and fries appeared quickly as Jamie brought my devil-may-care lunch to my table. "You're gonna like this sandwich." Jamie said with a gleam in her eye. "I love Cheese Whiz and it as my idea on this special," She added proudly.

I cut the sandwich in half and the Cheese Whiz flowed out onto my plate. My first bite was meat protein nirvana. The spicy sausage enveloped by the yummy goo of the Cheese Whiz. The slaw and onions added tart, and crunchy features to an incredible sandwich fulfilling my desires to perfect. 

I was for certain  eating outside the GLOB Master lunch box.

I'm not sure what the BBQ ingredient was on the special but I don't care, I could happily eat this Sammy every day.

The French Fries were amazingly crunchy on the outside, yummy, creamy spuds-like on the inside, and I ate every one of them.

- Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor






Supreme Cheesesteak is top flight sandwich

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

BIGMILLSsfSometimes you have to stand up, and take one for the team.

You know, give it up, be brave for all your GLOB compadres.

I was ready to jump in front of that hurtling dill pickle spear to protect my fellow lunch outers.

Those were my thoughts as I checked out the Cheese steak menu in the Big Mill's Cheesesteaks house on NW 13th near NW 23rd St.

Sure GLOBer, I knew I was trashing a day, or two of good diabetes blood sugar numbers by even thinking should I eat a whole cheesesteak sub,. Or even just a half? But I was thinking of you fellow GLOBer as I gazed upon a menu of Chicago style, Hoagie Style. Italian and polish sausage subs.

I'm not even going to talk about the six different hot dogs on the Big Mill's menu. Those are for another day of being bad, er, ugh, doing what must be done for all good lunch time GLOBers.



We're talking lunch time diner food here GLOBers. Nothing fancy, a good number of tables with all the lunch time pit stop, deli style kitsch. A nicely moving lunch counter line, guided by a customer friendly Big Mill's staffer named Elizabeth.

Elizabeth keeps the orders moving and isn't afraid to talk over customers, staffers and even Big Mill himself.

You have to like that I thought to myself knowing my lunch will be efficiently served to the GLOB Master at my checkerboard covered table for two.



I decided since I was a newbie at Big Mill's I should go for the tried and true and ordered the Big Mill's Supreme Cheesesteak topped with bacon, your choice of cheese and toppings (Reg $10.25, Big $13.85).

Big Mill's has an impressive list of free sandwich toppings including marinara sauce, giardiniera peppers, and sauerkraut. Bacon, Pepperoni, Extra Cheese, and extra meat can be added to your sandwich for an additional charge. There is a complete Big Mill'S Cheesesteak menu at the restaurant link below this review.



Big Mill's was jumping with a steady line of customers with most of the tables filled. This was a happy lunch stop. It was obvious there is much enthusiasm on this side of Gainesville for a cheese steak shop they can call their won.

There did appear to be many customers that new Big Mill's Cheesesteaks and hotdogs. These tailgators made a lunch trip just to catch up with Big Mill who has been serving sandwiches and hot dogs to Florida football game fans for a while.

My lunch of certified angus beef sirloin was masterful in appearance with an amazing regular sub ($8.25, Large $11.85) that easily could have fed two customers.



I tried to be traditional by adding provolone cheese, peppers, onions a, and mushroom to my sub. The bacon was automatically included and added an additional salty flavor to my sub.

The bacon was unique, however for a $1.95 up charge. I won't do that again. 100% chicken breast may be substituted in place of the beef protein.

The supremely soft sub roll encasing my sandwich was divine holding all my toppings together with the bread melding into my sandwich almost like an extra cheese.



The onion rings were spectacular ($8.75). With an extra thick, crisp crunchy coating the O-Rings created a nice crunch factor amidst my cheesesteak's sautéed toppings. Elizabeth was doling out free boxes of Crackerjacks to happy customers

Big Mill's is going to work here on NW13th St. I'm thinking you can expect lunch lines at the busier times of the day. That said this is a very good cheese steak sub certainly worth waiting in line for.

The Pluses and Minuses of Big Mills Cheesesteaks:

Big Mills Cheesesteaks + indicators: Sandwiches large enough to share. An abundance of free toppings. Onion rings are a nice treat. I'm thinking the GLOB Master is waiting to check his blood sugar in the morning . . .

Big Mills Cheesesteaks - indicators: Pricey for a sub. But they are big enough to share. If lines bother you need to be first in the lunch line or lunch later in the day. A serious one hour walk prior to lunch could lessen my bodies carbohydrate shock.

Offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about Big Mills Cheesesteaks. Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments. - THANKS!

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