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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Mojo's Hogtown Bar-B-Que

Mojo's Hogtown Bar-B-Que

I have seen many a plate of Mojo's Pit-Smoked Chicken Wings that are smoked then flash fried leaving ample portions of charred flavor coating these plump, larger than most chicken wings available around Hogtown. The smoked flavor adds a unique, subtle, juicy flavor and texture to the poultry's white meat The larger than average wings means you happy there are on;y eight wings to a wing platter. These wings are excellent, needing no additional sauce, except maybe a good coating of ranch or bleu cheese dressing. I might be repeating myself but these second and third joint proteins will embarrass those teeny, tiny pizza delivery wings. There's a lot of flavor here GLOBers and more than enough wings to forego any carbohydrates if that was your intent. I did have to take a breather munching down lunch because there is a lot of salt in this BBQ aftermath and I'm not a big salt eating GLOB Master. Taking-leftovers home are usually not part of my lunch plan, however I could only eat four of my wings and there I was sitting, all alone. .

- GLOB Master.


You know how some things get so much conversation, big talk, they almost become legendary GLOBers?

"I hear a lot of talk about how good your Fried Chicken is," I said to MOJO Barkeep Kendall Louise. "More than once I have asked people about Mojo's Hogtown Bar-B-Que, is their fried chicken really that good?" I add to the conversation.

"It is sooo good GLOB Master," Kendall replied. "The cream gravy, the perfect fried crust, and it is both halves of the chicken breast cooked to perfection," Kendall exclaims.

If you don't already know, I am a fried chicken kinda guy. I could listen to Southern Culture On the Skids sing Eight Piece Box al day. Greasy, undercooked, cold fried chicken really isn't that bad. . .  And the Mojo's giant portion of juicy, deep-fried white meat could be some of the best, golden brown fried chicken I have ever eaten. Plus the serving is so large, it is easily big enough to share. The Mojo's Collard Greens were a perfect side order to this deep-fried double fantasy. Something I hear a lot that always makes me smile is when people say, "I want your job GLOB Master." Can you really blame them? I eat delicious food for a living. I've made some fabulous new friends in the restaurant industry I would have never known. Ms. Kendall Louise is smart, clever, really knows her music and 'striking a pose' in the images below, fits that bill. Recently graduated from UF with an degree in Anthropology and Women's Studies, Kendall is seriously considering life as a forensics graduate student

- GLOB Master


MOJO's presents interesting 'que ideas

zzGLOBbullet EDITOR"S NOTE:  Mojos's Hogtown Bar-B-Que hosts a Gainesville's Lunch Out Blog whiskey Tasting.

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

MOJOsfThe GLOB Master is a good 'ol Southern boy. I like happy, smiling women. The best beer around is the cheapest beer right in front of me. So can you really have too many BBQ shops in Hogtown? MOJO's isn't the first Hogtown BBQ. But I am here to stand up and tell you today that MOJO's Hogtown Bar-B-Que on SE 2nd Ave. deserves your attention, if simply because of the excellent remodeling of this 105-year-old, historic livery stable; an amazingly complete whiskey bar; and some unbelievably delicious 1882 Hot Recipe sausages from the Southside Market in Elgin, Texas.

Todd Lineberry started the original MOJO BBQ in Jacksonville as a southern blues kitchen focusing on good food in a laid-back, down-home, one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Our MOJO's Hogtown Bar- B-Que is the sixth, Q shop to open with many more restaurants on the way to building a big-box franchise.

You have to like MOJO's business model. Service is sharp and attentive; everyone seems to be happy working at MOJO's.


MOJOpicsThe remodeling has put a very nice, lengthy bar along the west wall of the building with several large TVs and a plethora of bar keeps. That alone could make the GLOB Master consider MOJO's a very a good alternative drinking spot.



I had my first MOJO's lunch experience with Jon Roosenraad and Alan Morrow. They were impressed with the vast assortment of whiskey ranging from a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 25th Anniversary Whiskey to Prichard's Double Chocolate Bourbon for $45 a shot. MOJO's also brags of an extensive N. Florida craft beer menu including both Gainesville brews Swamp Head and First Magnitude

Huh? It was lunch time -- no beer for the GLOB Master. I ordered their best, freshest diet soda, and it was great.



Jonny Roosenraad ordered a platter of fried green tomatoes. The serving was big enough for the three of us and he did share, but there were still the leftovers for him to take home to his wife. The FGT's were crisp, hot, and very good. What made them prize winners was the spicy and deliciously tart buttermilk ranch dressing we generously ladled onto the tomatoes.

The menu lists nine different appetizers to choose from including Smoked Chicken Nachos and Kansas City Burnt Ends. I had tried the burnt ends on a previous trip to MOJO's, and is is an ample portion of brisket charred on the outside to burnt perfection. It is priced at $10, and the portion served my friend and I very nicely.

All the usual 'que suspects are available on the MOJO'S lunch menu including the Elgin, Texas, Southside Market 1882 Hot Recipe Sausage mentioned above. There was also a smoked turkey breast available. We all went for the Pulled Pork Shoulder entree at $10.50 per serving.

MOJOdogbowlThe only entrees mentioned on the lunch menu were the meat proteins with a side order. There are also eight sandwich platters and seven Southern platters that include five fish proteins.

There were five MOJO soup and salad entrees including Brunswick Stew and Grilled Salmon Salad.

There are 13 Homemade Sides. 

Now I'm tired of mentioning all the food at this lunch stop.

There is a complete menu with a boat load of more choices available at the restaurant link below this review.



MOJO's server, and new friend, Erin Murrah, suggested I try the Two Meat Combo (image at top), that also came with two sides. Knowing Erin was a College of Journalism grad and wouldn't steer me wrong, I chose the garlic cheddar cheese grits and collard greens as my sides to accompany my pulled pork and MOJO's Southside Market, Elgin, Texas 1882 Hot Recipe Sausage.

The greens were good, they seemed to be sautéed rather than boiled for days like my momma's greens. They were crisp, crunchy, and very yummy. The garlic cheese grits were OK, but I'm going to quit ordering grits. I mean I always want them to be special, but they never live up to my expectations. I'm sure that says more about me than the grits.

The pulled pork shoulder was very good. The other white meat was tender and juicy. The usual variety of BBQ sauces was available, and it was fun tasting all of them on different bites. The surprise lunch time winner for me was the MOJO's Southside Market, Elgin, Texas, 1882 Hot Recipe Sausage. This is a very good, spicy, juicy sausage that will be hard to pass up on my next MOJO's visit.


Alan was impressed with his pulled pork sandwich that was large enough to share, with a good possibility of leftovers for the trip home. Dr. Roosenraad also place an order for a plate of Beef Brisket to go, and he later reported that his wife thought it was excellent and cooked perfectly.

It was a fun lunch in a very entertaining, smart, friendly environment. I can see the GLOB Master returning, sitting at the bar, in front of their awesome televisions, with an order of those delicious burnt ends.

I wonder if I can get a plate of MOJO's Southside Market, Elgin, Texas ,1882 Hot Recipe Sausages sliced up with some spicy mustard to share at the bar . . .

The Pluses and Minuses of MOJO's Hogtown Bar-B-Que:

MOJO's Hogtown Bar-B-Que (+) indicators: Excellent sausages, Brisket is very good, very niice ambience, varied entree selection

MOJO's Hogtown Bar-B-Que (-) indicators: A big box feel to this 'que stand, BBQ is a little pricier. Lunch partners sharing of entrees make sense. Currently large 'new restaurant opening' crowds.

Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about MOJO's Hogtown Bae-B-Que. Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments. - THANKS

Anthropology and Women's Studies

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Additional Info

  • Phone Number: 352 727-7871
  • Address: 12 SE 2nd Ave., Gainesvile
  • Urban GLOB Location: Downtown
  • Latitude: 29.650453
  • Longitude: -82.324302

1 comment

  • Jules
    Jules Thursday, 30 April 2015 14:13 Comment Link

    Four of us had dinner at Mojo BBQ on Tuesday night. We sat outside and were very comfortable. Our server was very pleasant, if maybe a little over run. We started out with 2 beers, and 2 Mojitos for the Ladies.
    The Mojitos seemed to be absent the most important ingredient- Rum.
    I mentioned this to our server, who smiled. When we next ordered another round of beer & Mojito's- I asked her to be sure this round had the requisite Rum in them. They arrived 12 minutes after the beers and our dinner had arrived.
    They were marginally better. I would not be ordering mixed drinks there again. $8.00 per drink;
    $ 6.00 for a Swamphead IPA. $ 4.00 for a Yeungling.
    The Melamine plates and serving bowls were a lovely blue shade. They made everything look better.
    The men at the table ordered the Spare ribs with Mac n' Cheese, Black eyed peas, and dirty rice.
    I ordered Brisket with BEP and grits. The grits were very dull. The BEP and Mac n' cheese were great!
    The Spare rib & Brisket servings we all found to be petite. Only 4 ribs on each plate, and 4 smallish slices of brisket. Both were very good, but for $ 16.00 per plate, way too small. Texas Toast- which should be banned from all menus- was as plain as ever. Sonny's has the best Texas Toast around, along with Baked Beans.
    The assorted BBQ sauces came, upon request, 1/2 way through our meal. Salt & pepper, upon second request, followed 8 minutes later. Our server finally made it back to the table with the bill.
    Dessert was never offered so we paid the bill and departed.
    The house was full with students- who unfailingly all wanted separate checks. I believe this to be a major headache to our server, and I cannot blame any server who has to deal with this for running behind on other tables.
    There were some older folks there who seemed happy enough. I spied a few BBQ Pork sandwiches on my stroll through the restaurant- at $ 9.50 they looked to be a better deal than the brisket and Rib plates.
    I doubt we will be returning.

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