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Restaurant lunch highlights:

To get directions enter your address and right click on the desired marker.

Krazy G's, CLOSED, August, 2017

The Pluses and Minuses of the Krazy G's:

Krazy G's (+) indicators: French fries, speedy service, one double cheese, side order of fries.

Krazy G's  (-) indicators: No minuses here.

Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about Krazy G's.  Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments.  - THANKS!


Felipes Mexican Taqueria

Perfect charred veggies meatless tacos

I was thinking of grilled vegetables on a morning walk when the idea of Felipe's Mexican Taqueria grilled vegetable tacos crossed my mind.  Instantaneously my feet turned East and involuntarily my subconscious directed me toward one of the best Tex-Mex have-it-your-way lunch stops in Gainesville in the GLOB Master's opinion. I'm not a big fast-food-line lunch guy but I did want to see what kind of grilled veggies were available for today's Meatless Lunch.

An amazing pan of broiled onions, tomatoes, peppers, and squash looked like perfect ingredients for Felipe's Two Baja Style Tacos that included soft corn tortillas, a choice of shrimp or fish, pickled cabbage, pico de gallo, cilantro, and baja sauce.

Fortunately, the very attentive server at the bar was more than happy to substitute grilled veggies for meat at my request. I had a sense of holiday gifts as I headed to the Felipe's sauce bar to select my favorite tomatillo salsa, jalapenos, and spicy red sauce.


FeliopesSAUCEbarThis is a perfect lunch for any darn day of the week GLOBers. I could taste all of the individual flavors of the veggies and their almost burnt crisp flavor. I felt eight years old playing with my food adding a little bit of salsa here to one taco, more red sauce there on the other.

I love how on a good day of weather Felipe staffers open the giant windows facing University Avenue so you can gaze onto the hectic life of Midtown Gainesville as you casually enjoy your lunch. It was a

 Frederico Felini like moment amidst the sounds of a purring, busy, University Avenue I looked up from my perfect Meatless Monday Tex-Mex lunch and looked across the street to the new McaDonald's lunch stop, beckoning the GLOB Master with 'two all beef patties' . . .







Grilled veggies, chorizo, fresh cilantro... Carumba!

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

FELIPEsfMy name is Mike Sanford and I am a Mexican and Latin American food lover.

I find the flavors bright, sharp, tangy, and the texture of the cheeses combined with the crunch of the veggies and corn tortillas is always a remarkable lunch treat. Alright. I also enjoy that spicy heat of the peppers from Mexico and other Central America countries.

When I saw the new restaurant moving into the old End Zone building on the corner of W. University Ave. and SW 12th St. was a Mexican lunch stop, I immediately went into my Sombrero-driven, happy Mexican dance to the sounds of Flaco Jimenez and Ry Cooder. FYI, Flaco Jimenez is recognized as one of the word's greatest Mexican Flamingo guitarists and a rock & roll band favorite, in case you didn't know.

The lunch adventure of Felipe's Taqueria and Mexican Grill was born lunch in what I call one of America's last creative cornerstones -- New Orleans, Louisiana. This taco shop started in Mew Oleans with sevral locarions and has branched into Florida with restaurants nere in Gainesville, and a Tacqueria in Naples, Florida,

Felipe's has a few different approaches to lunch and eating out that make it more than what is now the usual standing-in-the-lunch-line waiting for your turn to order process.



This midtown Taqueria has a very nice patio area with a high wooden wall to diminish some of the University traffic noise. There is also a small bar and several televisions to enjoy during patio lunches.

The giant picture windows that front University Ave open wide like garage doors for the beautiful weather days, which are creeping our way as fall approaches.

This bright, airy, lunch stop has three different ways to order lunch:

zzGLOBbullet You can walk the Felipe's lunch line and select your choice of veggies, meats, and add-ons such as guacamole, pico de gallo, fresh corn, cilantro, and onions.

zzGLOBbullet If you are unable to separate yourself from your cell phone, you can grab a table and order your lunch from your phone and have it delivered to your table.

zzGLOBbullet Lastly, in a very much appreciated last resort, you can have a Felipe's server take your order at your table.

FelipesLOGONow, can I talk about lunch?

The easy to read menu is divided into the categories of Entrees, Meats & Vegetables, Add-Ons, Apps & Sides, and Desserts.

The eight entrees seem typically Mexican with Baja Tacos and Plato or Bowl. Felipe's will make any entrée a Felipe's Combo with a drink and small chips for an additional $2.80.

Grilled veggies and chorizo are the highlights of the Meats & Vegetable category, which also includes and char grilled steak and the unique choice of caramelized pork with pineapple, cinnamon, and guajillo marinade.

Apps & Sides include taquitos and tamales.  "We want to be sure our staff is ready to prepare your tamales, veggie, or otherwise, exactly the way you prefer," Harry said.

Any entree can become a meatless lunch option by substituting marinated grilled vegetables for the entree's meat ingredient.  For a complete menu see the restaurant web link below this review.


Unique to Felipe's is their fabulous sauce bar. Located in the center of the restaurant, this is the spot where you make your lunch especially tasty with your choice of spicy salsas or add some crunch with diced carrots, radish, or marinated onions.

There is also a full bar at Felipe's with happy hour pricing.

Let's call this a working lunch since Jane Medley, Lynn Dirk, and the GLOB Master were discussing online publishing. Self publishing link

Jane is also a big fan of Mexican cuisine and was excited to see how Felipe's compared with her favorite, usual Mexican lunch stop that will remain nameless. Jane chose the TWO TACO entrée with soft corn tortillas, cilantro, onion, and guacamole sauce. Jane added salsa and spicy red taco sauce from the Sauce Bar for the $4.50 entree. Jane liked the tacos, especially the corn tortillas and guacamole sauce.



Captain Dirk has always been a big food in the bowl fan. "I like to mix the ingredients together to capture all the tastes and textures toegether," she said, eager to survey the ingedients on the lunch line.

Lynn's lunch bowl conained rice, beans, pico de gallo, Mexican crema, and salsa roja and was served with warmed corn tortillas wrapped in foil. She also added radishes, marinated onions, and several sauces from the Sauce Bar.



I have always been a sucker for presentation and the Felipe's Plato sounded really good. Emily, our server explained the plato is served with each ingredient scooped onto the plate, circling the perimeter of the plato.

This was my second trip to Felipe's and I am already a big fan of the ground chorizo sausage and its spicy flavor. I included fresh corn, onions, pinto beans, Spanish rice, pickled jalapenos, and chopped fresh cilantro to my plato for $5.90. I got carried away with the amazing tomatillo green sauce, which is my favorite sauce concoction. I also added fresh salsa and marinated onions from the Sauce Bar.



Now about the Felipe's GRILLED VEGETABLES. Some of the veggies are marinated, along with fresh cooked pieces of onions, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, spinach and squash cooked to perfection. I was happily surprised with this ingredient medley on my plate creating a very delicious lunch.



The three of us concluded our lunch by sharing a tantalizing, large, square of chocolate brownie accentuated with a sprig of fresh mint.

The Felipe's food and service staff is fresh and eager to please the hungry customer. Don't forget to stop at the Sauce Bar to begin your time lunch fiesta. Also, you are missing out if you don't add the grilled veggies to your plato, in your bowl, on your taco, or wrapped in your burrito.

The Pluses and Minuses of the Felipes:

Felipes (+) indicators: The ground chorizo is spicy, very good. Corn tortillas, tomatillo sauce and grilled veggies are winners.

Felipes(-) indicators: Bartools could be higher to eat comfortably at the bar

Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about Felipes.  Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments.  - THANKS!


Patticakes Downtown

Dreams become lunch time realities

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

patticakesSFMy heart was heavy as I stood at the University Avenue, Main St. intersection gazing across the traffic at the vacant Harvest Thyme Cafe. I thought of Leon Russell's tune Stranger In A Strange Land.

I remembered Patticakes in front of the Courthouse, on the Northeast corner of Bo Diddley Community Plaza has really delicious cupcakes and headed East on University Avenue.

080717PatticakeVERTICLEWalking inside Patticakes I was struck by the regular customers with their locations strategically staked out on Patticakes lone lunch counter.

Books, lap tops, head phones, and drink cups evenly spaced in every other seat left little room for new customers. More so there were six customers in front of me at the counter waiting to order.

The dessert gods must have been watching over the GLOB Master as one of the big dudes in front of me said he, and his three pals, had already ordered and stepped aside so I can peruse the cupcake, sweets counter.



Then I saw it GLOBers. The prize I had been hoping for sat high and proud under glass with a card that read "CHOCOLATE CAPPUCCINO CRUNCH" cupcake. What a masterpiece of confectionery beauty with eye-opening 'nothing but sugar' flavor.

Straightening up I spied the menus on the wall and noticed much to my surprise Patticakes sells lunch in their downtown café.  A very nice lunch time selections of entrees are available from paninis, cold sandwiches, a chickpea wrap, and a Spinach Cranberry salad. All the lunch entrees range in price from $7 - $8/

There is also a Patti Mac Special that sounds impressive with corkscrew noodles, cheddar cheese, Mozzarella cheese, and Parmesan cheese topped with panko breadcrumbs & bacon and baked in cast-iron skillet. Patti Mac prices are $5,75 for a small entrée, $8.75 for a large, and you need to allow 15 minutes to prepare. There is a Patticakes restaurant/menu link at the bottom of this review.



With the advise of Patticakes expert staffer Katherine I ordered the Veggie Panini and was pleased the sandwich is served on toasted sourdough bread from the Vine Bakery with a choice of sun dried or sliced tomato mozzarella cheese, homemade pesto mayo and spinach

Squeezing into my position on long lunch counter I was stuck by the interesting view out to Bo Diddley Community Plaza and the old Historical clock. As my Sandwich was being presented to me In the background I heard the Daryl Hall & John Oates tune You Make My Dreams Come True.



My Panini lunch was special with loads of melted cheese oozing out all around the crunch crusted bread. The spinach and tomato magically intermingled with the cheese offering bites of crunch and flavor amidst the dripping, oozing white cheese. As good as the sandwich was the toasted sourdough bread with a fabulous crunch and chewy crust made my Meatless Monday lunch very special.

Maybe the lunch gods were looking out for the GLOB Master this day. Something, someone made my lunch dreams come true.

The Pluses and Minuses of the Patticakes:

Patticakes (+) indicators: Desserts, excellent sandwiches. Bo Diddley plaza is an excellent brown bag opportunity.

Patticakes (-) indicators: Cramped inside space, a lot of 'homesteader' taking space.

Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about Patticakes.  Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments.  - THANKS!


Costa Vida

Lunch touts fresh Costal Mexico flavors

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

COSTAVIDAsfIt's the GLOB Master's opinion that you can never have too many Mexican restaurants, cafes, or taco stands. So I was a very happy boy to find out there is another salsa, green peppers, tomatillas, crunchy corn tortilla shop on Archer Rd.

So that makes five Mexican restaurants in what I call the Archer Rd. triangle. Knowing there are 21 Mexican Cafés in the Urban GLOB puts a smile on my face.

To paraphrase an old saying, "The worst Mexican lunch I have ever had was still pretty good." And I will be happy saying, "CARUMBA gringo," with a smile to meet you any time you like even if it were at the local Taco Bell.

The Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill was created by a Utah couple after they spent a vacation at Cabo San Lucas. JD and Sarah Gardner opened their first Costa Vida in Layton, Utah.

Applying the trendy fast casual approach to lunch, Costa Vida provides a friendly, fast, and fun survey of all the spicy-tasting Mexican ingredient options before they become your noon-time meal.

CostaVidaLOGOOn its website, Costa Vida explains:

"food is made fresh in each restaurant's kitchen. Each tortilla is hand crafted daily and served hot, ensuring that no customer will ever have to eat a factory-made tortilla pulled from a bag. The sweet pork and shredded beef are perfectly seasoned and slow-cooked for several hours."

Hmmm, interesting they didn't say whether the tortillas were corn or flour. I will check on that.

I hope you know the fast casual lunch line drill by now and Costa Vida has all the Mexican staples available: burritos, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and salads. Appetizers, desserts, and Horchata soft drinks are available.



The dining area is clean and spacious with tables, booths, and a lunch counter. An 'in-house' feature attraction is a very cool, Disney World-like, framed, moving water display that will easily take a lunch outer into another virtual world.

Costa Vida has six specialty entrees: Fajita Burritos, Enchiladas & Nachos, Mango Chicken Salad, Sweet Shrimp Salad, Sweet Shrimp Tacos & Mahi Mahi Tacos (at select locations). You will also a find different daily special available at different Costa Vida locations, speaking of which, Costa Vida has secured another space in the new building going up on University Avenue and 13th St.



Having a new attitude about eating, I must admit checking out the Costa Vida Healthy Living page of the Costa Vida website was one of my first tasks and I was pleased to find more nutritional information than I could throw a Horchata soda bottle at.

CVchartAn info-table lists all Costa Vida products and with ingredients of concern to people with allergies who are concerned about sugar or preservatives. There is a also an overview of ingredients and related issues where they describe how Costa Vida deals with such ingredients ... and by the way, there I discovered that information about their tortillas: "Tortillas (Flour, Corn & Whole Wheat) – At Costa Vida we have worked to create the best tortilla simply without the use of lard. Our signature tortillas use only the best quality wheat and corn masa. Our tortillas are 100% vegetarian and made to have the perfect flavor, color and texture."

I was thinking Mexican salad for lunch and with a real 'have-it-my-way' approach I selected black beans, lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole, tortilla strips, cotija cheese, salsa, and cilantro lime vinaigrette, and I had an additional dollop of guacamole put on top of the salad.

It's funny how some things just work. The salad was served in the familiar aluminum tin bringing back memories of most excellent El Indio lunches. I like the idea of my lunch compacted into a ready-to-heat multi-use container.



My salad was beautiful, with melted cheese complementing the fresh greens and spicy red tomatoes. The salad was also excellent. I was feeling like I was eating a lunch that couldn't be any fresher. The Mexican spices had a calming effect of the GLOB Master as I enjoyed the salsa, guac, and Mexican spice flavors melding in a melodic Latin trio flavor serenade.

I'm OK with the idea of Chuy's, Taco Bell, and Chipotle all within walking distance of each other. In fact meet the GLOB Master here in the Archer Rd. Triangle tomorrow and we can have a progressive Mexican lunch party . . .

The Pluses and Minuses of the Costa Vida:

Costa Vida (+) indicators: Fresh, tasty, true Tex-Mex bliss. There is a second Costa Vida planned for The Standard, the high rise multi-purpose, apartment, and condominium building on the corner of 13th St. and University Avenue. 

Costa vida (-) indicators: Well, it is on Archer road. 

Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about Costa Vida.  Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments.  - THANKS!


V Pizza

'Different' kind of pie enters pizza wars

VpizzaSFBy Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

As my mother would have said, "There are more pizza shops in Gainesville than you can shake a pepperoni at!" With over 20 different pizza restaurants in Gainesville, the GLOB Master was surprised at the unique, very non-ordinary pizza served at V Pizza downtown in previous Vello's location. With a new 90-second, fast- fired pizza process and Amore & La Palude ovens and ingredients imported from Italy, V Pizza quickly delivers a new 'old style' pizza to your table.

The V Pizza owners were "also concerned that peoples' opinions of what pizza was would be very different from what we were serving. Imported dry aged Italian meats, San Marzano tomatoes, and 00 flour? Cheese from a buffalo? Pizzas that aren't perfectly round? Burn marks on the crust."



As a nice surprise I have been introduced to San Marzano tomatoes. What a delicious taste change from the usual tomato, marinara sauce. San Marzano tomatoes are the most famous plum tomato to come out of Italy. They are grown in the rich volcanic soil at the base of Mount Vesuvius, which gives them a sweet flavor and low acidity and they are coveted for their firm pulp, deep red color, easy to remove skin and low seed count. In fact while regular round tomatoes usually have four or five locules or seed pockets, plum tomatoes like those from San Marzano tomatoes have only two.

In addition to pizza, V Pizza also serves wings, paninis, calzones, strombolis, and salads.

V Pizza has a specially priced lunch menu everyday for $9.95 that covers a self-serve beverage, cheese pizza + 1 topping or any any house pizza for $10.95; gluten-free pizzas for an additional $3; paninis, calzone +1 topping for $10.95, and chicken wings. There is a complete V Pizza menu at the bottom of this review.

V Pizza serves their pizzas in full pies. No single slice option here.



GLOB Content Editor Lynn Dirk and I decided to share a pizza and try some of the 'Best chicken wings in Jacksonville,' according to Natassia our server, seated right in image above.



At our special request we split our pizza ingredients in half with Pizza Napoli on one half with included eggplant, roasted red peppers, red onion, fresh mozzarella, goat cheese, fresh garlic, and basil and Pizza Carnivora on the other half with, sopressata (premium pepperoni), pancetta, red onion, roasted garlic, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, and San Marzano tomato sauce. This was a momma mia lunch.



We also decided to share an order of the wood oven-roasted chicken wings for $12. These 'prime cut' chicken wings larger than I have seen lately were marinated with fresh lemon, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper, fresh garlic, and caramelized onions.

The thick, meaty wings had a pronounced rosemary flavor and a tasty burnt char for an extremely flavorful taste. I did ask Natassia if there were any hot sauces available, and she suggested the calabrian chili pepper sauce. We gave it a try and this sauce was good--not overly hot but left a lingering, flavorful, heat-like sensation in my mouth that made me smile. The singular flavor and texture of these first and second joints make me want to go back and try the other flavors of V Pizza wings.


Our pizza arrived quickly to our table and looked beautiful. Talking about an obvious food contradiction there sat half of a meatless pie split next to a meat lover's dream lunch.

At first bite I was startled at the deliciously rich taste of the San Marzano tomatoes. WOW! The meat flavors were also pronounced with a prize going to the spicy sausage that included a prominent basil and garlic flavor. The veggie side of the pizza was equally enjoyable with my first experience of sliced eggplant on pizza. On this slice I could also taste the excellent basil, garlic, and goat cheese flavors.



All right GLOBers. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking this is the third flash-fired pizza stand in Gainesville. Granted it ensures your lunch will be ready to eat in a typical one-hour lunch break. In my experience, the downside of the flash-fired, quick-serve pizza process is a limp pizza crust. You must eat the end of you pizza quickly BEFORE the toppings fall onto your plate or some place more disconcerting.

I need to remember to ask them to flash-fire my pizza an additional 10 minutes or so to see if I can get a crispy crust, which I prefer.



The V Pizza building had a familiar look to it with the tables and dining area not much different from its Vello's days. The bar had a friendly, inviting look with several big-screen TVs. They did put some seats in front of the open kitchen where you can enjoy looking into the ceramic-tiled, wood-burning ovens as pizzas are being made and have interesting conversations with the pizza chefs.

V Pizza works for me. I liked the new approach to same old pizza. The chicken wings were really good.


The Pluses and Minuses of V Pizza

V Pizza + indicators: San Marzano tomatoes are delicious, and the larger than usual chicken wings are very tasty.

V Pizza  - indicators: Lunch prices keep creeping upward with $12 chicken wings, and $16 pizzas.

Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about V Pizza.  Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments.  - THANKS!


Weekend Events. July 29, 2016


 6:30 pm: The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble Opening Night, Hipp Cinema, 25 SE 2nd Place; various days, times. The story of the renowned international musical collective created by legendary cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Directed by Morgan Neville, Oscar-winner with the documentary 20 Feet from Stardom and the critically acclaimed Best of Enemies.



7 pm: Artwalk, Downtown Gainesville. Free monthly self-guided tour that combines exciting visual art, live performance, and events with local galleries, eateries, and businesses participating. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.



8 pm: The Irie Ones, Free Friday Concert SeriesBo Diddley Community Plaza. Reggae, roots, ska, rock steady, lovers reggae, dance hall music from this five-piece band. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.




10am-6pm: Back to School Sale! Repurpose Project. ONS of gently used office and school supplies.  Now through the end of September we are having a 25% off sale on all school and office supplies for teachers and students.  Buy used!  Protect the planet!  Save $!  Study!

This non-profit community-based effort to divert resources from landfills through creativity also has:

zzGLOBbullet ReUse Store – A warehouse full of materials for art, construction, school projects, furniture -- Come and explore!


zzGLOBbullet Repurposed Art Gallery – A gallery of art made from creatively reused materials. Are you interested in selling your artwork in our gallery?  Stop in with some samples of your work or email photos:  At least 75% of the artwork must crated from salvaged/reclaimed materials.


zzGLOBbulletFix It Café, Wed, 4-6 – If it’s broke, we fix it!  …and we will show you how! Come by or drop off small items (no bigger than a bread box 2′x3′x3′).  Examples: broken toys, favorite gifts, antiques, sailboats, lamps, things with cords.  Expect some creative repairs.  We don’t have any real “parts.” We will use donated items. 




Swamp Dance Fest, UF School of Theater and Dance, G-6 Studio - Nadine M. McGuire Pavillion, School of Theatre and Dance. Dance performances created during the festival, performed by students and guests. Many events are free and open to the public. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information




5 pm: Celebrating Water and The Arts! Great Outdoors Restaurant, High Springs. Bid on your favorite art piece as the restaurant hosts a silent auction. Book signing by authors, artists, and photographers. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information



7-11 pm: The Shane Wooten Band, Summer Concert Series, Silver Springs State Park. Bring a chair or blanket and enjoy a music-filled evening in a beautiful park setting. Performances will use the newly renovated Twin Oaks Mansion Stage at the headwaters of the Silver River. $25.



7 pm: Battle of the Blues Song Writing and Concert, Market St. Pub & Cabaret, Downtown. The North Central Florida Blues Society and Leonardo's Music have teamed up to bring you a this competition and concert. Battle Compete with your original blues song to win a guitar and case or just enjoy the show. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information




1 pm: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' Birthday Bash, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Historic State Park, 18700 S. CR 325, Cross Creek. Though Rawlings' was born August 8th, 1896, The Friends of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Farm and park staff invite you to an "early" celebration in July since the historic house closes in August and September. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.


World of Beer

WOB tacos, street or otherwise, are great

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

WOBstorefrontUF Professor Emeritus Dr. Jon Roosenraad, and I go a long way back. At this point it appears he and I will most likely make it to the end of the line together. We have shared a ton of philosophical conversations about hypothetical issues over the years and one of my favorites is about heaven and hell.

With Roosenraad being a practicing Catholic, I'm sure you could guess his understanding of the hereafter.

Years back I discovered a great drinking song all about beer. When Jon and I are drinking with pals, often times I will stand up, raise my glass, and recite to my good friends the lyrics praising the nectar of the gods:

In heaven there is no beer
That's why I drink it here
And when I'm gone from here
All my friends will drink all the beer

After which I have grown accustomed to hearing Jonny's retort "You're wrong Mike! Heaven is one big, giant beer cooler that I will be thrown into the middle of when I die."

WOBopenNow here we are a zillion years later, and I see a notice on the worldwide web that the World of Beer is now serving lunch.

Now who do you think my first choice is for a lunch partner at The World of Beer?

Speaking of time flying by, it seems like only a few years ago Hooter's uprooted their 'Breasturant' from downtown and relocated to this building on SW 34th St. just off Archer Rd.

After Hooter's, a Mexican, La nopalero, restaurant opened their doors in this building and survived for a couple of years. They didn't last long. Have you seen all the Mexican lunch stops in what I call the Archer Rd. triangle?


World of Beer has done an excellent job of remodeling the inside of their new world. They have removed the bar that sat in the middle of the room, which has created a much more spacious environment. So this is a new, customer friendly lunch spot with a multitude of seating choices and a very impressive bar that runs the length of the building.

I didn't count the televisions but believe me when I say there are more TVs than you can throw an empty beer mug at.

Jon and I arrived on the early side of noon and selected a table dead center in this golden nectar emporium.



You can't help but notice all the beer taps lining the wall behind the bar. "We have 53 beers on tap, and 533 bottled beers," The bar keep proudly said as she poured Rosey his xxx xxx.

World of Beer seems to have its act together, and this lunch with my pal was looking like a good idea.

I did a little research before lunch and I saw the WOB has some interesting-sounding lunch entrees including a Flat Iron Steak Sandwich, ($12), an Artisan Sausage Board, ($15), FlatBreads, ($8), and Street Tacos. 2  tacos for $7, and 3 for $10. There is a WOB restaurant menu link below under Additional Info. 


Roosenraad, being a completely serious midwesterner, ordered the Guiness Bratwurst with Guiness- infused bratwurst, sauerkraut, sautéed onions and peppers, and a house mustard on a toasted Hoagie roll.

Our server didn't do a very good job of explaining what Street Tacos were, but I liked the sound of a different kind of taco. According to the WOB menu, Street Tacos are:"Topped with freshly-made roasted tomato & corn salsa, shredded lettuce, avocado, fresh cilantro & queso fresco, served in lightly grilled tortillas":

zzGLOBbullet Beer-Battered Shrimp with Sriracha Lime Aioli
zzGLOBbullet Crispy Beer-Brined Chicken with House-made Ranch dressing
zzGLOBbullet Ahi Tuna (raw) with Sriracha Lime Aioli

WOBtaco300Still thinking about tacos I looked up the definition of street taco:

"So far as I can tell the only difference between a run-of-the-mill taco and a street taco is the location from whence you bought it! If you bought it from a Taco Stand or Food Truck on the's a "street taco", if you made it at home or got it in a restaurant-NOT!!! That's right. All those expensive new menu items, are basically just a sales gimmick, and a very lucrative one at that!"

Two tacos for $7 bucks was a hard deal to beat, so I ordered the shrimp and chicken tacos and a small Spring Greens and Kale Salad. Yep, that's correct GLOBers, The GLOB Master ordered a kale salad! What the kale, it was very good. In fact it was delicious. My salad also contained goat cheese, apples, sweet pickled red onions, and candied pecans tossed that were tossed with the greens in a house-made framboise vinaigrette.



You know GLOBers I am trying very hard to maintain some control over my diet. I get excited when I see things like tacos on the menu because of the small amount of carb from the thin flour tortillas, which fits well in my diet mission of proteins, veggies, and very little else.

The chicken and shrimp tacos were very good. I could taste the lime aioli, and goat cheese, and all the ingredients were fresh and cris and blended together to create a most excellent taco.


Once again you can see how the little things make a difference. I was at a Mexican lunch stop over the weekend and ordered a soft shell taco and a burrito. Unlike the WOB taco shells that were quickly toasted on the gril, the tacos came to me limp, mushy, and unappealing right out of the package.

I'm going back to the World of Beer. There are some other interesting sounding lunch entrees on the WOB menu that I must try at this SW 34th St. lunch stop.

The Pluses and Minuses of the World Of Beer

World Of Beer + indicators: For the non-craft beer drinker the menu suggest different beersto pair withr different entrees

World Of Beer - indicators: None noted.  This lunch stop will become popular, and crowded come september . . .

Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about the World Of Beer.  Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments.  - THANKS!


WOB: Appearance no indicator of success

By Melissa Kahan, GLOB Correspondent

I know I am not alone in thinking "If you are going to do something, do it well." If that means focusing on one subject, so be it. As the name implies, beer is World of Beer's specialty, but the new location on 34th Street is trying its hand at many different crafts, namely cocktails and cooking. I will just say the cocktails need some work. For now, though, let's focus on one of my most-anticipated weekend mealtime experiences: brunch.



Considering the new World of Beer (WOB) is in the same plaza as brunch heavy-hitter Peach Valley Café, it is safe to assume there will be competition, what with the line at Peach Valley tending to be long due to its consistency and quality, which keep hungry patrons pacing outside and drinking complimentary coffee for over an hour on any given Sunday. Hearing about WOB's 'Beerunch' every Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm. I was hoping for déjà vu: Great menu with a variety of tantalizingly decadent and intriguing brunch options. It seemed almost too good to be true. Local owner David Menard reassured me that this WOB would rectify complaints of other locations, including serving food in general and hosting good live music at a reasonable volume, so I went into brunch with an open mind.

Let me preface this by saying that I had this WOB brunch a few weeks before the official opening, which will occur on Friday, May 27. Menard said the kitchen and bar staff were still in training, but food will be served from now until the location's official opening date. Here is a brief overview of a few items:



Chicken & Waffles Sandwich ($11): This was actually the last thing to arrive to the table, as apparently it was an oversight and there was a mix-up. The presentation was somewhat lacking. The 'Belgian beer-infused waffles' not only lacked a hint of beer taste, they didn't have much of any taste. They were nice and crispy, though. The 'beer-brined' chicken was also lacking, as well despite it seeming to be a decent cut of meat. To my dismay, even the maple syrup lacked flavor.



Blueberry Wheat French Toast ($8.50): When I read 'maple-infused brioche bread,' I envisioned thick slices of sweet, crisped brioche, but the reality was thin, soggy, and sad. Again, the syrup was lacking. Once again, not a hint of beer seemed to be present in the blueberry compote, which seemed to be premade, pairing well with the previously-frozen blueberries.


Hangover Skillet ($12.50): I was particularly excited about this one, but once I saw the size of the skillet, I knew I would not get the best bang for my buck, image at the top of this review. The eggs-cheese-veggie combo was fine, but the candied bacon not only lacked the typical sweeter taste, but it was actually unbelievably over-seasoned. On cutting into the sausage, the cheese center was a tasty surprise, but sadly the tots, like many other ingredients incorporated into brunch, seemed previously frozen. Even the Texas Toast was more like thin slices of white bread.



It's not technically on the brunch menu, but the one redeeming aspect of the brunch was the Smores Waffles ($5.50), listed in the Dessert section. However, that is purely due to ingredients, not execution. Of course adding marshmallow fluff and chocolate would create a pleasing taste sensation. I will be back to test for improvement. I certainly would love it if the food were as well-crafted as the newly-renovated space's ambiance, an inviting, open-air atmosphere with multiple sections of various seating styles, ideal space for a night out.


Ironwood Golf Course

Lunchstop is not just for birdies or the birds

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

IWsfI know of an off-the-beaten-path lunch stop I like to think is all mine. You know what I mean GLOBers. A hideaway place that's not too crowded. Somewhere I could take a special friend and not be bothered with other lunch outers in my space.

The irony (hint, hint) is this lunch stop is in the midst of a busy environment of customers talking seriously about the best round they ever had; the last time they birdied old number #17; or whether they will rent a golfcart or walk the 18 holes of Gainesville's Ironwood Golf Course on NE 39th Avenue. 

There are a number of good reason why this lunch stop deserves your consideration even if intimate conversation isn't important in your lunch world:

IWSilhouttePerhaps some of the most lowest lunch prices in G'ville including:

zzGLOBbullet Chipotle Black Bean Burger for $6.50
zzGLOBbullet Chicken Salad Sandwich for $4.50
zzGLOBbullet Chili Cheese Fries for $4.00 from a full list of appetizers
zzGLOBbullet Broccoli Cheddar Bacon Bites $5.50

For the Meatless Monday lunch outer, there is an extensive list of options including veggie wraps with hummus, guacamole, lettuce or spinach, tomato, onion, cucumber and salsa. A variety of sandwiches and a grilled cheese sandwich can also be made for the vegetarian luncher.

For the meat eater, there is an Italian sausage dog and pizza.



The Ironwood pro-shop is run by staffers Erin Maynard, behind the counter, and John Andreu with kitchen responsibilities. John made several visits with us at the golf course lunch counter to make sure we were impressed with his lunch time creations.

Erin mentioned there is ample table seating in the adjacent meeting room for lunch customers who would like a bit more privacy. 


"We do get customers stopping in from time to time to eat on the golf course patio, or who just want a little more privacy during their lunch hour," Erin said.



My lunch pal this visit was GLOB Advertising Manager Gary Miller and he selected the Chipotle Black Bean Burger which had a spicy patty made with a blend of black beans, brown rice, onions, corn, fresh red bell peppers and Anaheim chilies with a touch of cilantro and garlic, served with lettuce, tomato, and onion for $6.50. IMO Anaheim chilies are a great addition with loads of pepper flavor but not necessarily all the heat.

Eating every bit of his spicy burger, Miller said it was very tasty. 


I was pleased to see old fashioned sandwiches available on the menu with the choice of white, wheat, or marbled rye bread. My turkey sandwich was stacked very nicely with breast of turkey, lettuce, tomato, and Muenster cheese. The Muenster cheese was a special tasty surprise for the GLOB Master in a very good $4.75 sandwich. You can also order a ham sandwich or a sandwich with both ham and turkey for the same low price. All sandwiches are served with chips, fries, or sweet potato fries for an additional $1.50



I enjoyed my sandwich, but I thanked the lunch gods for including a bowl of soup with the Ironwood Burger, Basket, or Sandwich order for $1.50. The very cool thing about my bowl of cream of broccoli soup was the packet of Oyster Crackers floating in my Styrofoam tureen that gave a delightful crunch to the creamy, cheesy goodness.

I used to play golf and frequented the Ironwood course for my fair share of sporting punishment. It's nice to see all the upgrades the course has taken under the management of Jeff Cardoza


If you need one more reason for this special lunch stop, the Audubon Society listed the Ironwood Gold Course as an "Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary" as of July 1999.

The Pluses and Minuses of Ironwood Golf Course:

Ironwood Golf Course + indicators:  Low prices; great sports surroundings; can be a quiet, intimate lunch spot. A true NE Gainesville lunch outpost.

Ironwood Golf Course. - indicators: They need to post their menu online.  There is a menu on their Facebook site

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