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Restaurant lunch highlights:

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Loss Pollos Rotisserie Chicken











The Pluses and Minuses of Los Pollos:

Los Pollos + indicators: 

Los Pollos - indicators: 

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MOD Pizza: CLOSED December 2019

MOD Pizza is spreading their 'MOD-ness'

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

MODsf200I checked out the Urban GLOB map to see how many different pizza shops were in our reading area. I counted 19 different pizza lunch stops serving their own special brand of flat crusted, tomato sauce, with more toppings than you can shake grated cheese on.

A good reason why I am the perfect GLOB Master is one of my favorite expressions is "The best pizza in Gainesville is the pizza sitting right in front of me." I love pizza. My bad pizza experiences can be counted on one hand.

19 pizza locations and the idea of parking for lunch in the Standard building on the corner of University Ave. and 13th St. creates a certain amount of trepidation regarding my first time MOD Pizza lunch adventure.

Across the street from the University of Florida Campus and next door to the Miami Sub shop this new corner of fast food heaven has a mandatory, needing walking to lunch, hour written all over it. That said there is parking available inside the Standard building near the hotel.

For the eating healthy, environmentally correct, do-the-right-thing smart lunch outer there is a Gainesville Regional Transit bus stop directly in front of the MOD Pizza stand for RTS routes #8, #10 and #29.

Hmmm . . . That is a good list of reasons to give this new lunch stop a try GLOBers. In addition to those statements I am sold on this pizza chains philosophy:




"Artisan-style pizzas and salads are individually sized, made on demand, and ready in just minutes. Choose from over 30 toppings – the price stays the same no matter what you pick. At its heart, however, MOD is a platform for doing good. The idea? If we take care of our employees, they'll take care of you, and our business will take care of itself. We call it Spreading MODness, and after opening stores across the U.S. and U.K., we think it's working."



The MODness starts with the pizza stand squeezed into a long, narrow edifice with the pizza counter on one wall, and a good number of tables and seating on the other wall.

As the weather changes the windows in the front of the building will open for a fresh air, new take on the happenings of one of the busiest street corners in N. Florida.



No big surprises on the MOD menu that is split between pizzas and salads. There are 10 pizza selections available including the veggie and interesting sounding Lucy Sunshine mozzarella pizza with parmesan, artichokes, garlic, dollops of red sauce. The Caspian is a BBQ chicken pizza with mozzarella, gorgonzola, barbecue sauce, sliced red onions. Mod pizza will also make you a 'salad pizza' of your own salad toppings on a warm asiago pizza crust.



Finally there are 'Hot Off The Menu' original pizzas created daily by the pizza chefs mixing up seasonal ingredients, brand-new flavors for a daily lunch special pizza surprise..

It's all pizza pies at Mod Pizza with three sizes; The 11" MOD Pizza ($7.97), the 6" inch Mini Pizza ($5.97), and the Mega Dough 11'' thick crust pizza ($9.97), for the create your lunch crowd. According to the MOD Pizza website, "Enjoy your Classic pizza as-is or change out toppings until it's just right – the price never changes."

Mod Pizza serves a Deluxe, Caesar, and Simple salad from the menu. However the 'create your own' salad option with romaine or mixed greens and customizing your lunch from there with over 30 toppings is a spectacular way to eat a smart, green healthy lunch.

Mod Pizza has two unique side items they call Garlic and Cinnamon Strips. These 'naked' piecrusts come grilled with your choice of dipping sauce: Savory - red sauce, pesto, ranch or sri-rancha. Sweet - chocolate, strawberry or cinnamon glaze.

There is a complete menu at the MOD Pizza restaurant web link at the bottom of this page.



The MOD pizza making team is customer friendly as they build your lunch from a plethora of ingredients in what has become a typical lunch line process. I was nicely surprised with six different 'sauce options' including red sauce, pesto, and white sauce.



The MOD mini pizza had the size and appearance of the standard pizza slice size in Gainesville. That was my logic in choosing the create your own MINI Pizza and a MINI side salad for my lunch.

All the toppings are cut into nice bite size pieces. The variety of choices can be over whelming for the GLOB Master. Next time I will peruse the menu before lunch to alleviate my decision making anxiety.



With a giant smile, and ready-to-please attitude Mod Pizza Maker Liv was ready to guide me through pizza topping decision making world.

My red a sauce pizza with pepperoni, spicy sausage, and broccoli, image at top of this review, was really good. There was a distinct spicy taste in the red sauce that was a nice surprise and the crunch of the broccoli along with the really good thin crust. Made for a special lunch surprise.  I always forget GLOBers, one lunch hour I am going to remember to ask for an extra-crispy pizza crust. Kudos to the pizza chef this crust was close to being perfect.



My Mini lunch salad was very good with the addition of some very tasty marinated peppers. I was somewhat carried away with the multiple mozzarella, parmesan, and feta cheese selections. The Balsamic vinegar dressing was tart and a perfect 'oiling' of my salad.

The pizza and salad lunch is becoming my go-to lunch option. There are cheaper P&S lunch options in town. That said I like my Daughter's, and former NYC resident, logic regarding $$ dollars and lunch. "There are very few $10 lunches left in the Big Apple Dad . . ."

The Pluses and Minuses of MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza + indicators:  Excellent, maybe thinnest, pizza crust in town. So many choices, a zillion toppings. Fast fired, DYI quick pizza. I'm going back!

MOD Pizza - indicators:  Parking... really? Ask for extra crispy crust.

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PF Chang's


The Pluses and Minuses of PF Chang's

PF Chang's + indicators: 

PF Chang's - indicators: 

Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about PF Chang's .  Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments.  - THANKS!


Kevin's Kitchen


The Pluses and Minuses of Kevin's Kitchen

Kevin's Kitchen + indicators:  W

Kevin's Kitchen - indicators:  Ri

Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about Kevin's Kitchen.  Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments.  - THANKS!


grub Burger & Bar

grub Burger & Bar Butler Plaza winner

 By Mike Sanford, GLOB EDITOR

GRUBsfIt had been a whirlwind week of lunches and dinner for the GLOB Master. It seemed like every meal was better than the last. There I was standing in front of the new grub Burger and Bar dreamily thinking of burger with unique names like: Bacon Love #9, Mac 'N' Cheeseburger, You're My Boy Blue and the Hippie Chickpea Veggie burger.

I like to think of myself as a good student of today's lunch time menus. After a serious perusal of the interesting online menu the day before lunch I quickly picked out my Friday birthday lunch. We will talk about my lunch order later on GLOBer

No doubt about GRUB being a big box corporate lunch stop. Celebrating five years since starting their first burger place in College Station, Texas.

From the GRUB BURGER & BAR website:

"You can go to a bunch of restaurants and get a burger and fries," College Station grub manager Jimmy Loupe says, but it's Grub's fun, laid-back and creative atmosphere that's really worth celebrating. He credits this positive atmosphere to the great people Grub employs. From the cooks and dishwashers to the servers and bartenders."

It must be working GLOBers. Walking into grub for lunch I was warmly greeted by every grub burger uniform I encountered. And the GLOB Master felt like each friendly greeting was an honest, friendly, considerate.

I was early and had the pleasure of Meeting Zachary at the bar who possessed a vast collection of IT, computer Tech ideas, and online web design.



That was just the start as we stood in line waiting out turn to order when Jordan, image left. gave the impression she was a long lost friend. That was when grub Manager Jared lizak walked up with Nina wanting to know where was Mike, the Birthday boy.


OMG with all the special attention we moved through the food line quickly and found a table close to the windows.

The grub menu is categorized into burgers, sandwich & tenders, salads, sides, shakes, snack and drinks.

This was lunch with my Entomology / Nematology pals Jane medley, Kathy Milne, and her husband Dave. And I appeared we cover the entrees well with three burgers and a salad between us:


I started us off with a bowl of delicious Brussels Sprouts topped with ancho lime vinaigrette, and queso fresco. ($4.95). The image above does not fairly treat what were perfectly cooked sprouts with a tangy sauce, tart queso flavor, and magnificent tasting Sprouts.


Dave opted for the Ahi Tuna Bowl of seared Ahi Tuna, bacon, black bean & charred corn medley, lettuce, campari tomatoes, avocado, queso fresco, sprouts & ancho lime vinaigrette. ($10.95). Dave was generous enough to share his tuna that was absolutely heavenly. That is an impressive, delectable looking salad to consider for my next grub lunch. How good was the Ahi Tuna GLOBers?  It was eaten BEFORE I could grab this image . . .

Kathy chose the Jive Turkey Burger. an awesome looking melted cheese delight sandwich with Jive Turkey ground & pesto seasoned turkey burger, bacon, Swiss, sprouts, avocado & chipotle aioli on a wheat bun. ($8.50). Kathy's lunch included some of the biggest, yummiest looking Onion Rings I have seen in some time.


Jane ordered the Wild Caught Salmon burger with hand-chopped wild caught salmon and ancho chili burger, avocado, black bean & charred corn medley, tequila lime aioli & fresh cilantro on a white bun. ($8.50).  Kudos to grub and their tassty Sweet Potato Fries.



Being adventurous Jane and I decided to share sammies and I gave her half of my California Chicken Sandwich with grilled chicken breast, bacon, Swiss, sprouts, avocado & chipotle aioli on a wheat bun. ($9.95).



Finally be sure to check out the Milk Shakes list of hand Spun, and Spiked shakes including the Dirty Kitchen Sink with chocolate vodka, pretzels, peanut butter, salt, butterscotch sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate chips, coffee grounds & potato chips. Great Gosh A mighty! It was my birthday so the GLOB Master tried the standard chocolate shake. ($4.95).

There is a complete menu at the restaurant link at the bottom of this page.



There was some spectacular flavors on our table including the Ahi Tuna, crunchy, yummy onion rings, and the chipotle sauce on my chicken sandwich. Jane Salmon sandwich was tasty, however I think she got the better deal as my chicken sandwich was a fives tar winner in my book. The Chipotle sauce must have been home made because it screamed my name in every bite. NOTE TO DIABETES GODS: I only, reluctantly. Ate half of the hamburger bun.

grub was busy for lunch. The lunch entrees were excellently delicious. We had a nice table and friendly service that kept us in a very good mood.

I'm going back to GRUB Burger & Bar. It is right on Archer Rd just past the SW 34th St., Archer Rd intersection.

The Pluses and Minuses of grub Burger & Bar

grub Burger & Bar + indicators:  Delicious Brussels Sprouts. Very nice selection of lunch entrees, salads and an amazing milk shake list. Customer friendly service.

grub Burger & Bar - indicators:  This busy, popular lunch spot would be a suicidal experience on a Saturday game day . . .

Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about grub Burger Bar.  Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments.  - THANKS


Beef O'Brady's: CLOSED: October, 2019

The devils’ in the fries at B-O-B’s

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

BOBstorefrontI took my son Bob to his first Florida Gator Sports event when he was 10 years-old.

“Look Bob,” I said standing in front of what we called the O’Dome back then pointing at the Ben Hill Griffen football stadium.

“Gator football, Gator basketball, and Gator baseball all right here side by side,” I added waving my hand from left, to right.

Bob and I saw the Gators win a Saturday basketball game that day and then we headed over to Beef O’Brady’s on NW 43rd St. to catch another game on television and share a victory meal.

The GLOB Master might have more great Beef O’Brady’s memories than they have Gator sports memorabilia. Well, I have a lot of great memories . . .



Last weekend I was excited thinking about catching the end of the regular season Gators vs. Wildcats basketball game while enjoying a Beef O’ Brady’s Saturday lunch. Plus it was an opportunity to experience all things deep fried, and grilled to game day satisfaction.  And on Florida Gator game day everyone at Beef O’Brady’s is wearing orange, and blue.

Beef O’Brady’s calls their restaurant a family sports bar. I think that moniker works at Beef’s. Every time I have been to this lunch stop there is usually one each of every kind of customer you could think of including moms, sisters, dad’s, sons, sports fans. Gosh GLOBer there is a good chance there might be one or two non-sports fans in the building, however if I was a betting man, I wouldn’t bet on it.

‘Beef’s menu’ has all the heart stopping, artery clogging bad food prizes, and some new B-O-B entrees – to me -- for the daring, brave, first time customers,  For example Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders ($10.29) that are 3 chicken tenders hand-breaded, fried and served with BBQ sauce or honey mustard dressing sounds like a good lunch item.. Plus a yummy sounding Seafood Combo ($12.99) consisting of a fillet of mild white fish and shrimp served with fries, coleslaw, tartar sauce, lemon and cocktail sauce should be large enough to share..

Those entrees were in addition to the burgers, char grill , chicken wings, sandwiches, wraps, salads, tacos, and bowls.

There are several lunch combos available, and a ‘Build Your Own Premium Burger Combo’. Combos include ‘straight cut’ French fries, and a soft drink or tea for ($8.49).



A good friend has more than once mentioned he thinks the Beef O’Brady’s chicken wings are the best in town. With their own webpages on the website chicken wings come in many different flavors, and different levels of heat from Garlic Parmesan to Nuclear for the manly man chicken wing eater. Wings can be bought in sizes ranging from six wings to 20 wings starting at $10.29

There is a complete Beef O’Brady’s menu at the restaurant link below this review.

So I was engrossed in the menu, seriously thinking about an award winning poultry lunch when I spied the flyer on the bar describing Saturday’s featured Item:

Delicious, sliced, tender smoked sirloin with caramelized onions,
pepper jack cheese with a drizzle of Kentucky Bourbon sauce.
Served on a buttered brioche roll.

Surprisingly I over came my diabetes eating guilt trying not to think about the brioche bread and a plate of glorious French fries looming in my lunchtime horizon.



My lunch arrived and right away I felt a sense of elation seeing my Smoked Sirloin Stack was in fact wedged between two slices of bread, not a sub sandwich roll.

It could have been the steak sandwich of my dreams GLOBers. With pieces of steak, cheese, onions oozing, creeping out the sides of my sandwich was completely in love with the flavors, tastes of this diabetes belly bomb.



Remember stories about the the good angel, bad devil sitting on your shoulders? I know there is a French fry diabetes devil laughing, sticking, prodding me to take that giant step to spuds-ville and eat all the crispy, fried to perfection, potatoes on my plate.

I have reached a point in eating, a lifestyle with food restrictions, to realize there is no longer such thing as bad French fries. I must be re-programmed. Looking at the plate of white potato goodness my thoughts turn to, “That’s a lot of French Fries, maybe I will just eat a few.”

So be proud of me GLOBers. Please don’t rain on my lunchtime parade. I did eat some fries. But I didn’t eat all of them. And I only ate one slice of the brioche bread.

It may not sound like a big deal to you.   I find myself thinking of what my slightly built sister says about food, eating.   “Sometimes I feel like there is a 500 pound women trying come out of my body, so I have to be careful about what I eat all the time.”

And she doesn’t have a diabetes devil on her shoulder heaping guilt on her lunch time food fest.

The Pluses and Minuses of Beef O'Brady's:

Beef O'Brady's + indicators:  Tailgate, bar food, deep fried bliss, plus a sporting event on every television in the building.

Beef O'Brady'sn - indicators:  There are not many things in here your doctor, nutritionist, or the food police would applaud you for eating.

Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about Beef O'Brady's.  Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments.  - THANKS


Los Pollos Rotisserie Chicken now open

November 21, 2018: Los Pollos Rotisserie Grill has opened on NW 43rd St. Across from Thornebrook Village.  Featuring  rotisserie chicken sporting a Latin American flavor this lunch stop cuts your fresh roasted chicken into quarters, halves, and whole birds. Los Pollos has also added to the menu Ribs, Carna Asada, Grilled Steak, sandwiches, wraps, and salads.    Cilantro sauce, Aji Sauce, and hot sauce are availabe along with Flan, and Arroz Con Leche for dessert.  Open Tuesday - Saturday 11-9:00 Los Pollos is the offspring of the neighboring Blue Agave as a trial run for a fast-er food model for the Tex-Mex chain.





Eastside Pizza opens on Hawthorne Rd.

October 22, 2018: Eastside Pizza Cafe has opened on Hawthorne Rd. with the usual pizza stand lunch fare including some interesting slices and pies. Open Monday 0 Saturday from 11- 9:00 the lunch stop serves slices and pies, burgers, and wings, plus shrimp baskets.




Japanese crepe, bowl shop opens

September 26, 2018 - A Japanese crepe and poke bowl restaurant has opened very close to the corner of SW Archer Rd. and SW 34th St. J-Petal & Poke has opened amidst a menus of Japanese Crepes, and Poke bowls. A menu consisting of of eight savory crepes and a Build Your Own Poke Bowl menu of six proteins, ten toppings, seven sauces, plus toppings, 'mix-ins' and crunch items for three different size poke bowls.

The Food & Wine website explains the word poke simply means "chunk" in Hawaiian. That said, in the past poke was typically any meat or seafood that is cut into small chunks and marinated. When referring to poke nowadays, it is generally seafood. It's unclear exactly what the origin is, though many agree that chunks of marinated seafood have been consumed for a long time by locals, and if you ask anyone from Hawaii.



PFChangtSF600PF Chang's opens in Butler Town Center

September 11, 2018 - PF Chang's has opened in Butler Town Center, 3597 SW 32nd Ct., serving rice and noodle lunch bowls, Street Fare, Dim Sum, Sushi and market side are also available. Open every day from 11- 10:00 pm with catering, happy hour, reservations, and a rewards program. According to the P.F. Chang website the. P.F. Chang's new Farm to Wok® menu highlights its wholesome, scratch-cooking approach and introducing new dishes and drinks for lunch, and dinner. Today, P.F. Chang's has 210+ U.S. restaurants, including airport locations, plus over 95 restaurants in more than 25 countries across the globe.



Kevin's Kitchen opens across from David's BBQ

After working 25 years as a chef Kevin's Kitchen Owner Kevin Sommers was ready to open his own restaurant at 2201 NE 2nd. Ave. With a 'Southern Cuisine' influence the KK menu includes all the stick-to-your-ribs southern cooking famous in N. Florida including Pork Chops and gravy, collard greens, mac and cheese, beans, black-eyed peas, fried okra, rice and skillet cake, sweet potato pie for dessert. KK's hours are Wednesday through Saturday 11 to 8, Sunday12 to 6.



Maple St. Biscuit opens second location

Maple St Biscuit Co., Tioga Town & Country Square, 140 SW 128th Street, Building 5, Suite D. The Maple St Biscuit Co. owners Jason Hurst and his wife have opened its second Gainesville location in the Town of Tioga serving breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday. With a menu serving 12 different Biscuit sandwiches Biscuits & Gravy, waffles, breakfast bowls and salads are also available.




MOD Pizza opens in The Standard

A corporate pizza stand has opened next door to Miami Subs in the Standard, 50 NW 13th St, Suite 30. With a specific list of entrees including three salads and 10 pizzas including the Lucy Sunshine with mozzarella, parmesan, artichokes, garlic, dollops of red sauce, Calexico with mozzarella, gorgonzola, chicken, jalapenos, hot buffalo sauce, red sauce, and the Pizza Salad where you create your own salad on a warm asiago pizza crust

Founded in 2008 by husband and wife, Scott and Ally Svenson, in their hometown of Seattle. Inspired by their own search for quick, affordable, wholesome restaurant options for their growing family, they started to wonder if there were a better pizza way.

With 31 MOD Pizza locations nationwide in 2015 MP is open seven days a week. MOD PIZZA is open late night every darn night.



Red Rice Kitchen opens on Archer Rd.

The recently opened Red Rice Kitchen -- 3316 SW 35th Blvd. Archer Rd. Located in the Five Guys Burger & Fries plaza – touting authentic Thai, Vietnamese and Pan-Asian cuisine. With a menu featuring noodles, curry, and skewers Red Rice also serves Special fresh rolls, Asian Street food, salads, edame, wings, and wraps. Lunch is served every day starting at 11:00. Dinner is served at 5:00.




Wing Zone is now WZ EATS

Wing Zone is the new WZ Eats, 923 West University Avenue with a new name, new look, and a boat load specials demonstrating this is not you momma's Wing Zone. After 25 years, the former Wing Zone on West University Ave. has a new look. According to their FaceBook page, "We have a new menu, and a new look but same great flavors." Specials like the $25 Mega Meal, $8 Wednesday Chicken Sandwich, and the $25 Mix & Match Deal are available for your lunch time consideration.



Ale House moves to Celebration Pointe

August 1, 2018: Gainesville's Ale House has moved west on Archer Rd. to Celebration Point with a brend new restaurant design seating 241 guests inside and on the outdoor patio. "Gainesville is one of our original restaurants so it's only appropriate that we debut our new design to some of our most loyal guests," said Ray Holden, President and COO of Miller's Ale House. a quarter mile from the original resrtaurant the new lunch stop features two bars both inside or on the open-air patio, and 60+ TV screens.





Sushi, Thai, Pizza, Bowl lunch stops open

July 22, 2018: MidiCi - THE NEAPOLITAN PIZZA COMPANY opened in Celebration Pointe, 4949 Celebration Pointe Blvd Ste T560, last weekend amid fanfare, rhythm & Blues, and crowds finding out what exactly is Neapolitan pizza. According to the MidiCi website:

MIDICIopenNeapolitan Pizza is the way Italians invented it 300 years ago. During her summer vacation in Naples with the King, Queen Margherita was presented a pizza by a local pizzaiolo with tomato, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, and a touch of basil to represent the 3 colors of the new born Italian flag. She liked it so much that it was named in her honor. The classic Margherita was born. Over the centuries, Neapolitan Pizza has become an institution. Since 1998, its ingredients and method of preparation are protected by the Italian legislation.

The MididCi pizza crust has only four ingredients: Non-GMO Double zero Neapolitan flour, water, sea salt and yeast. The sauce contains only non-gmo crushed Italian peeled tomatoes. Serving 18 different pizzas on their light, thin, soft and chewy signature Neapolitan dough from vegetarian to the White Bianca and the classic Margherita & Prosciutto pizza.  Midici also serves six different salads and a full Appetizer menu.




III Thai/Sushi bar opens on S. Main St.

IFITIS is the new Thai and Sushi Bar downtown on NE 1st Ave, and Main St. Serving a variety of sushi and Thai dishes including fried rice and PadThai noodles. III makes it  Currie dishes fresh every day and features fish like like bluefin tuna shipped overnight from places Seattle, Washington, and Japan. Sushi is available from nigiri sushi to ikura(salmon roe) and mackerel, & braised eel. Opening at 11;00 III serves lunch every day.




Bolay opens in Butler Plaza

'So Fresh an So Bold' is the Bolay focus at their new restaurant in Butler Plaza, 2905 SW 42nd St Suite 70. Serving lunch on their custom designed 'bowls' Bolay has broken lunch into a five step process including base ingredients, proteins, and veggies in what they call Add-Ons. The Bolay lunch line process results in a Small Bol Lunch, $ 7.99, or a Large Bol Lunch, $10.99. With a focus on healthy entrees like Miso glazed tofu, and Spicy Thai Shrimp, and forbidden black rice Boly brags on 100 per cent GLUTEN free. FOLLOW THIS LINK for a Gainesville Lunch Out Blog Bolay review.





grub Burger & Bar opens on Archer Rd.

June 22, 2018: grub Burger & Bar has opened for business in Archer Road's Butler Plaza in the redesigned Butler Town Center.  Offering a 13 different hamburgers including some with clever names and with unique toppings like macaroni and cheese, and its homemade Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce. Burgers are served on made-from-scratch buns. The spacious restaurant with a full bar and patio seating also serves salads and bowls with a proteins like wild Alaskan salmon, chicken breast and pesto-seasoned turkey. Chicken is featured on the menu with chicken sandwiches and chicken Tenders. Grub Burger & Bar prides itself on hand spun milkshakes in six varieties, and 4 crafted milk shakes including the Worms & Dirt, and ET milk shakes.




New Cuban cafe on NW 23rd Ave.

June 15, 2018: Sneaking in from around the corner La Cocina De Abuela has been open at 125 NW 23rd Avenue for 3 months. Returning the building to a Cuban buffet will bring back memories from years ago when two Latin American restaurants back-ti-back were open this location. Abuela's offers a complete buffet line of latin Amerian delicacies including rice, black beans, plantains, chicken Fricasse,lentils beans, pot roast,Yucca Fries with garlic sauce and many more lunch time entrees plus a daily lunch special. This Cuban restaurant opens daily at 11:00 - 7:30 pm.





June 8, 2018: According to the website everything goes at the Miami Grill that just opened in The Standard on the corner of University Avenue and 13th St. The website also says "Miami Subs is now Miami Grill. From salads and wings, to cheese steaks and grilled mahi mahi, if it's on your mind it's on our menu." A quick look at the menu tells you they are not kidding with a menu that starts with Limited Time Only Specials, Cheese Steaks, Greek Gyros, Burgers, Wings, Subs, chicken, salads, seafood, Hot Dogs, and kids meals.  Thpse are just the sub titles with at least six or seven entrees for each sub title.  The Miami Grill delivers, and is open everyday from 10:00 - 10:00.





1,000 Degrees Pizza opens in Butler Plaza

May 14, 2018: 1000 Degrees Pizza, Salad, & Wings has opened in Butler Plaza at 4062 Plaza Blvd suite 20. Open seven days a week, The fast fired lunch line pizza option touts 12 classic pizzas you may customize your lunch time pizzas to your own satisfaction. You may also create you own pizza as you travel their fast causal lunch line of pizza choices including eight kinds of sauces, seven varieties of cheese, and seven meat and 18 veggie toppings. After you have created your pizza it is fast fired and ready to eat in just about 2 minutes.




Caribbean Spice re-opens on NW 23rd Ave.

May 14, 2018:  The Caribbean Spice cafe has opened next to Hungry Howies just off of NW 13th St. Jamaican cuisine cuisine lovers are happy to know the CS still serves lunch with positive vibes. Closed only a few months after being dislocated from their old, familiar, W. University Ave. location Caribbesn Spica is back in business with their menu that includes Daily Specials of jerk Chicken, Ox Tails, and curried chicken and goat and many more Island delicacies. The CS is open Mon- Sat. from 11-7:00 pm. FOLLOW THIS LINK for menu, more information.




Copper Monkey re-opens in Creekside Mall

May 1, 2018: An old familiar lunch stop has reared its popular head in the Creekside Mall with the Copper Monkey Sports Bar & Restaurant opening in the former Mancini Italian restaurant Location. After 37 years in Midtown CM owners Rob and Ashlee Zeller closed the Midtown location citing the constant, ongoing construction around NW 17th Ave. Calling the SW 2nd location a sports bar, and American restaurant you will find a lot of the Cooper Monkey favorites including the world famous Copper Monkey Wings, chicken sandwiches, and one of the best hamburgers on Gainesville.




The Grand Cafe opens Downtown

May 1, 2018: The Grand Café has opened downtown just off the corner of University Avenue, and Main St. next to the  Dowtown Barber Shop.  Rr-elocating from New York the father and son Fiorillo team has created a New York style lunch stop that starts the day with 5:00 am breakfast specials including sandwiches, wraps, pancakes, waffles, and breakfast platters. The lunch menu includes burgers, salads, and wraps and five specialty burgers including the Rodeo Burger with bacon, onion rings, and BBQ sauce. The Grand Café has Senior Citizen Discounts, free WIFI and fresh brewed coffee.



BTWsf600Hurricane BTW opens in Burrito Bros location

February 19, 2018 – The name of the new lunch stop in the old Burrito Brothers location pretty says it all GLOBers  S. Florida's Hurricane Burgers Tacos Wings opened last week amid a flurry of curious, hungry customers wanting to know more about the Guacamole Burger, Korean BBQ Beef tacos, and Coco Chicken Wings. "BTW is big in Palm Beach," said BTW owner Jack Gandolfo. "My wife and I just bought property outside of Ocala and this is our new home," He added. With 10 chicken wing sauces, and seven taco choices you might think hamburgers take a back seat until you talk to Jack G. "I know there are a lot of good burgers in Gainesville," Gandolfo said. "I want to hear what you think of our premium double cheese burger with bacon, and Guacamole," the Hurricane BTW owner said with a knowing look.




Fehrenbacher's Artisan Sausages open downtown

January 30, 2018: Gainesville now has a new sausage maker and lunch stop downtown. Adam, and Tatania Fehrenbacher have opened Fehrenbacher's Artisan Sausages at 411 SW 4th Ave. Adam has over 20 years cooking experience with a bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wales University. His wife, Tatania, is a UF graduate with 10 plus years of Hospitality Management with the Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, Islamorada Fish Company and Bass Pro Shops.

"We are excited about serving lunch here at the Butcher shop," Adam said. "With several stools at our indoor counter, and tables out back on our new patio we look forward to bringing special, homemade style, artisan sausages to our Gainesville Customers," the butcher added. Open Monday-Friday 10-6:00, and Saturday's 3-10:00. Customers can check out the latest menu on the sausage shop's FaceBook page, Instagram page. "We post our menu every morning on the socila media regarding what the shop is featuring for lunch,' Adam said,



Golf course cafe serving New Orleans seafood

January 30, 2018:  The lunch stop at NW Gainesville's Meadowbrook Golf Course has opened the Nola Cajun Po'Boys & Seafood at Meadowbrook Located at 3200 NW 98th St. NOLA hours are Monday - Saturday 11am - 8pm and Sunday Brunch will be available 11am - 5pm. New Orleans style seafood has been added to a menu featuring hamburgers and chicken wings. NOLA Happy Hour Specials are daily from 4 to 7pm with a wide selections of quality beers from our full service bar.



Mancini's now open for lunch

Mancini's Tuscan Grille, January 30, 2018: located in the Creekside Mall according to the website, " The MTG is classic steakhouse with Italian flair open every day for lunch. The lunch menu includes appetizers, salads, soups and sandwiches including the Meatball Pomodoro of house-made lean beef and veal meatball simmered in our house-made marinara sauce and served in a bowl of spaghetti. FOLLOW THIS LINK for a complete Mancini's Tuscan Grille menu.



Mediterrean cafe opens in Butler Plaza

Taziki's Mediterranean Café, January 30, 2018: has opened in Butler Plaza at 2905 SW 42nd St. Taziki's embraces the "Mediterranean Lifestyle" which emphasizes: Eating primarily plant-based. Replacing butter with healthy fats such as olive oil and canola oi. Using herbs and spices instead of salt to flavor foods. Limiting red meat to no more than a few times a month. Eating fish and poultry at least twice a week, Taziki's boasts being a fresh concept restaurant with. "NO Freezers, NO Fryers, and NO Microwaves!" FOLLOW THIS LINK for ore information.



Kabab House relocates to NW 13th St.

January 30, 2018:, The Kabob House has moved around the corner to 604 NW 13th St. Serving Biryani, Tandoor, Kababs, wraps, and curries this long time Gainesville lunch stop used to be located across from the bank on University Avenue. The Kabob Hopuse menu include chicken, goat, ham, and veggie entrees. The KH owners proudly proclaim, "Our Naan is handmade fresh daily and cooked in our tandoor clay oven, while serving Halal حلالا). meat."

 OGGI Italiana opens for Sunday lunch

January 30, 2018: OGGI Italian on 3117 SW 34th St. Opens for lunch on Saturday and Sunday this Tampa based restaurant takes a sustainable approach to their complete Italian menu. According to OGGI website: "All of OGGI roasted chickens are free range, naturally raised without antibiotics or hormones. OGGIs chickens are marinated fresh daily for the freshest and best flavors. OGGI mozzarella is made daily, in house, free of preservatives, without GMOs, by our dedicated staff. OGGI prides itself on supporting local farmers, buying only the highest quality of ingredients for our guest

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Louis' Lunch at Southeast Fifth Avenue and Second Street, which is also open today, serves the last of its hamburgers and shakes from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Saturday.
Owner Tom Pennisi, 75, cited slow business and his age for his decision to close the diner and sell the property.
His father, Louis Pennisi, opened the business in 1928.

Hey Jules I want to start running the feature below every day. 
I would like to include CHOW NOW with a new location but I would need your location by 8:30 in the morning . . .?
Today’s Lunch Plans
Tuesday, October 27, 2010

The GLOB’s Lunch Plans:  Sandwich Inn, Northeast, 110 NE 16th Ave.

CHOW NOW Food Truck Plans: Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, Northeast, Hawthorne Rd.
GLOB Lunch Spot Update
Newly Opened:
Urban Flatbread, Warehouse
Closed: Louis Lunch, Tori's Big Burger

Newly Opened
: Anthony's Pizza & Subs, O!O Garden Grill (Tentative)
Closed for lunch: Farah's on the Avenue

Archer Rd.:
Newly Opened:
Ghengis Grill, Michael's

34th St.:
Newly Opened:
Bagle Land (tentative)
Closed: J. Doobies Wraps

Bahama Breeze Island Grille

Pleasant lunch in the Archer Triangle

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

BbreezeSFAfter much discussion my UF Entomology & Nematology lunch pals and I decided on an adventure into what I call the Archer Rd. Triangle. Our mission was in search for a tropical island mid-day meal at Bahama Breeze Island Grille deep down in Butler Plaza at 3989 Plaza Blvd.

In all fairness the GLOB Master understands Bahama Breeze possesses the cornerstones of the corporate, big box, food world:

zzGLOBbullet Multi-page, voluminous menu

zzGLOBbullet More lunch entrée choices than should be stuffed into an 18-wheel frozen trailer

zzGLOBbullet Automobiles wrapped around the restaurant from locations as far away as Texas, and New Hampshire.



Still GLOBers. There is still a certain amount of charm about the Bahama Breeze open air, spacious patio. Sometimes the restaurant will have drummers playing kettle steel drums for yet even more island authenticity. The background island beat offers a pleasant, unique sound underneath the gazillion slow-turning ceiling fans creating a feaux-like tropical breeze throughout the sheltered patio.


Bbreeze300PATIOThe first location of Bahama Breeze opened in March 1996 on International Drive in Orlando; its original name was Bahama Breeze Caribbean Grille. The Caribbean theme proved to be a hit, and today there are about 40 locations scattered throughout the country, mostly in suburban retail districts and neighborhoods that are popular with tourists. Bahama Breeze is owned by Darden, the Orlando-based restaurant group that also owns Olive Garden, Long Horn Steakhouse, Seasons 52, Eddie V's, The Capital Grille, and Yard House (it also owned Red Lobster before selling it off in 2014

Special thanks to the B Breeze staff for making my day a little more pleasurable by including a one page Lunch Combo menu.


Where lunch pals Jane Medley, Kathy Milne and her husband Dave were deeply engrossed in scouring the multi-paged menu I was comfortable choosing from an interesting list of entrees named LUNCH COMBOS. Served Monday-Friday from 11 – 4:00 this lunch time information sheet listed ten excellent lunch ideas ranging from:

- Beef Empanadas, ($8.99) consisting of two handmade pastries filled with savory beef and potatoes, and a side of pineapple chutney served with your choice of salad or soup.

- And my choice of the Lobster & Shrimp Quesadilla Combo. ($10.49), consisting of lobster and tender shrimp, with onions, sweet peppers, spinach and our three cheese blend. Griddled and served with tomato salsa and sour cream. This lunch item is served with your choice of salad or soup. {The GLOB Master will go to his death bed hearing his daughter lecture me, "Get over it dad, All lunch entrees are over $10 in New York City . . .") There is a complete Bahama Breeze menu at the restaurant link at the bottom of this page.



My seafood quesadilla was very tasty. The crunch of the toasted tortilla combined with the multitude of lobster and shrimp flavors in these perfectly nice bite size lunch time delicacies made for a delicious lunch. My side of a cup of a very good, creamy Bahamian Seafood Chowder with shellfish and vegetables was a perfect compliment to my bite size seafood delights. The addition of the corn relish, and a large dollop sour cream made for a very special island lunchtime flavor party.



Jane Medley ordered a yummy looking 'plaintain sandwich.': "My lunch was delicious and creative. It was like a buttermilk fried chicken sandwich, but instead of bread there were slices of plantains, lightly fried. None of it was greasy, flavor was mild, and the plantains were a good substitute for bread. But I don't think the meal was gluten free, because the chicken seemed to be breaded."



Dave got the Curious Lunch Dude award by selecting the Curry Goat Bowl, ($10.49) identified as, "traditional Caribbean curry made with slow-cooked goat, potatoes, onions and carrots, served over white rice with warm Naan bread. According to Spice it is not 'Naan bread'. It is Naan, a kind of flat bread. The yeasted, doughy, soft, earthy bread that is so good to scoop up curries with.



Kathy selected the BB Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad, ($10.99), with sliced chicken breast, Applewood-smoked bacon, egg, tomato, three cheeses, pumpkin seeds and avocado with your choice of dressing.

It was an impressive table of island lunch entrees we enjoyed and Bahama Breeze did an excellent job of eliminating any, and all Butler Plaza background noise.

I asked the former UF bug school staffers if there was any chance for a return visit to this Butler Plaza island lunch stop.

"I don't know Mikee,' Jane Medley said. "There are a lot of really good restaurants outside of what you call the Archer Rd. Triangle."

The Pluses and Minuses of the Bahama Breeze:

Bahama Breeze (+) indicators: Tasty entrees, different, seafood entrees, Excellent atmosphere.

Bahama Breeze (-) indicators: It could be fun counting the cars that drive by the BB Patio during lunch. Al


Blue Highway Pizza

Dueling pizzas has two winners

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

GLOBer Lynn Dirk contributed to this restaurant feature.

I just had the best pizza lunch I have had in a very long time. I have been thinking about a trip out to Blue Highway in West Gainesville's Tioga Town Center for several days and it was easy to convince Lynn and her friend, J, to accompany me.

BluHighwayThis Blue Highway pizzaria off of Newberry Rd. is the younger sibling to the Blue Highway on US 441 near Micanopy. The menus are very similar, the Tioga menu being more extensive, but the quality of the pizzas are the same. The West Gainesville Blue Highway is a modern setting but more traditional with the chefs making pizzas within view of the dining area. We saw pizza crust flying in the air several times during our visit. The Micanopy BH is a cozy place where you can smell the pizza being cooked in the kitchen even if you don't see it.

Along with a choice of two types of pizza and an extensive list of pizza topping choices, Blue Highway presents an appetizer menu -- Blue Highway Small Plate entrees, sandwiches, salads, and piadines, which are flatbread sandwiches. One of those is Lamb Piadine -- roasted lamb, mint pesto aioli, mixed greens, red onion, feta, Parmesan, red wine vinaigrette. One of us is a lover of lamb and made a promise to herself that this would be her choice the next time she came. But today it was pizza for all of us.

Layla, the daughter of the owners and the Tioga BH manager, stopped by the table to see if we needed anything. Lynn mentioned she is very taken with the yeast crust BH cooks up and Layla explained the BH pizza crust process: They use semolina flour, which gives it extra oomph, and the let the dough "age," that is, it sits for 24 hours. There is yeast, so it rises, but they don't punch it down until they are ready to use it. How ever they do it, the texture of their crust is unique and almost outshines the toppings. It is crispy on the bottom but spongy on the inside. Everyone should try it at least once! There is a complete Blue Highway menu at the restaurant link below this feature.

With all the varied choices on the menu, I was feeling good about ordering my pizza, and thinking I would get to taste some other options with the orders my friends would place.

BHpizza2I opted to create my own custom Sicilian style pizza with meat balls, pepperoni, broccoli and roasted red peppers. My pizza served 2 - 4 people. BH is not your by-the-slice kinda place.

Lynn decided to share my pizza so we both looked at J waiting for her lunch decision. She said, "I hope I'm not going to disappoint, but the thin crust pizza special with fresh crab, bacon, and mushrooms sounds really good and I'm getting that."

"Aw right," I exclaimed. "It looks like we will have enough pizza for six people, not three," I said gleefully clapping my hands.

Lynn and J started their lunch with a cup of the Italian Wedding Soup that they enjoyed with many comments of "Oh my!" "Yum." "This is REALLY good." Lynn remarked how the meat balls included in the soup were excellent, perhaps forecasting the pleasure awaiting us on our Sicilian pizza.

I've heard of dueling banjos, on tour once famous blues man Taj Mahal played a tune he called dueling tubas. This is my first dueling pizza experience.

BHpizza3The BH Sicilian crust, meatball, pepperoni, broccoli, and roasted red pepper pizza presented to us contained the largest, yummiest, best tasting meat balls I have ever eaten on a pizza. These meatballs were not chopped, or diced onto the pizza, they were quartered into large bite size chunks of spicy meatball heaven with one or two pieces per slice of pie. These chunk of protein were mighty good and in combination with the other ingredients and the savory pizza sauce that included juicy pieces of tomato, created an unbelievably good pizza.

BHpizza1I noticed while eating my pizza, Lynn and J we reveling in their thin crust pizza special of crab meat, bacon, and mushrooms. The crab was sweet and in clumps. Perfect. Bacon is never bad. The mushrooms had that dark brown color a mushroom gets when it is perfectly sautéed; it's not soggy or chewy. It's a special treat to get mushrooms like that on a pizza. Lynn did comment that considering how special and delicate the crab flavor was, the bacon and mushroom might have been a little distracting or overpowering. But she did not let that stop her, she still considered it an exceptionally delicious pizza.

Tasting the thin crust pizza, I was surprised how good the bacon, crab and cheese mixed together without any noticeable pizza sauce. This thin crusted pizza was equally a prize winner today but in completely different flavor categories.

I've commented before that a trip to the outskirts of West Gainesville is a considerable effort for the GLOB Master. If this pizza shop was located near the GLOB corporate offices, I could eat at Blue Highway Pizza every day.



Here's the making of a perfect lunch. Longtime pal, Andy Caldwell was driving north from Ocala, "Out on 441 where you can hear cars roll by like waves crashing on the beach." The GLOB Master and GLOB Content Editor were heading south on 441 to pay a visit to The Organic Chef store of Al Rosas just north of Ocala to pick up some of the best chicken sausage you can find. It was Lynn Dirk who came up with the idea of meeting Andy at Blue Highway Pizza in Micanopy for some pizza and beer. Andy had never been to Blue Highway. All I could think about is the Abruzzese, one of the best meatball pizzas on earth: Tomato sauce, mozzarella, giant house made meatballs, sliced roasted garlic, parsley, Parmesan and Romano cheese on the Sicilian crust. That is worth driving a long distance to consume. In a true 'have it your way' style, Lynn asked for artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, and Italian sausage on one half. The meatballs were incredibly spicy, flavorful and just like I remembered from my last Blue Highway visit. The artichoke hearts were larger than the giant meat balls! The garlic and the yeasty Sicilian crust with the marinara sauce are incomparable. Blue Highway for lunch is one of the best roadside attractions between here and Ocala, gosh, all of N. Florida.



I was out in West Gainesville when the subject of what's for lunch came up. "I'm not up for anything new, and we had Blue Highway Pizza for dinner and it was fabulous," the W. A. Maven said. "I met Blue Highway owner Frank Ruffino the other night and I begged him to open a B.H. in the Millhopper area." "Does that mean forget about Blue Highway for lunch," I asked. "No let's go I love their pizza," My lunch pal said with a glazed look in her eye. And that's how our extraordinary lunch of a hand tossed, thin crust Carne Combo that included tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, Genoa salami, Parmesan, Romano cheese, Sicilian thin crust pie became the best pizza I have eaten since the last time I was at Blue highway. You see they do something special to their crust. Personally I think they paint it with a melted garlic butter before they put the pie in the oven. What that means is they bring to your table a glorious brown toasted, golden glazed pizza pie with a crunchy garlic flavored crust sprinkled with cheese and a bit of salt. My heart is lucky, my cardiologist is pleased, my sister, children and friends are relieved that Blue Highway is on the other side of Gainesville so I can prevent myself from clogging my arteries daily, by the BHP slice. I could eat one of these pizzas every day. That would be 13 straight days in a row of Blue Highway Specialty pizza. Hic, burp . . .

- Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

Blue Highway (+) indicators: Gluten pizza crust is available. Friendly environment, extraordinary pizza choices. Try the meat balls!

Blue Highway (-) indicators: I think you need a passport to get back in to Gainesville from this GLOB outpost.

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