F&W's vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes

F&W's vegetarian Thanksgiving r…

Whether you're looking fo...

Making perfect mashed potatoes

Making perfect mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes at Thanks...

Celebrating Thanksgiving W/O turkey

Celebrating Thanksgiving W/O turkey

It's time for the most an...

About that stuffing/dressing. . .

About that stuffing/dressing. . .

Despite its reputation, T...

Food52 Thanksgiving answers

Food52 Thanksgiving answers

By now, you may be famili...

Restaurant Biz bad for women

Restaurant Biz bad for women

If you're a woman, what m...

Best Mac 'n Cheese in every state

Best Mac 'n Cheese in every state

Macaroni 'n cheese has be...

11 Daily Meal cheesecake recipes

11 Daily Meal cheesecake recipes

Cheesecakes allegedly ori...

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Restaurant lunch highlights:

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Made in India

servingLUNCHaThe GLOB Master crossed continents for an Ayurvedicly modified Indian lunch experience with the new GLOB Rx columnist, and Ayurvedic Health Coach Chaya~Sharon Heller on Saturday to enjoy the best Indian Cuisine I have ever experienced.

And it was right around the corner from my home on NW 39th Ave.

What unique flavors, textures, and extraordinarily interesting company for a bright, sunny, chilly new season for such a glorious visit.

Chaya is a Broadway dancer and entertainer who turned holistic health educator and practitioner at a turning point in her professional career due to an aging Ms.Heller's body not responding to the rigors of daily dance training and routines like it used to.

"It was a transition that spontaneously arose from my healing pursuits," Chaya said.

"I tried and practiced many therapies and dove deeply into yoga and Ayurveda, that included massage, diet and lifestyle modifications that rejuvenated and created longevity for me," Chaya said  These therapys taught me how to deal with the hip, and back pain, and the emotional grieving that accompanied the loss I felt both professionally and personally." Chaya added.

That sounds like news for a future Chaya~Sharon Heller profile I will write later.

Chaya considered my diabetic needs in creating the menu, stating I could leave off the chutney, but I tried a little to sample the flavors.  My blood sugar was happy with this meal. Our lunch time pleasure was Mung Dal soup with lots of veggies, plated hummus (minus garlic and onions, she pronounced), stuffed grape leaves, avocado, Indian spiced apple chutney, mild curried chicken, a side salad with amazing home made tahini-lemon salad dressing and an Ayurvedic digestive tea made of cumin, coriander and fennel seeds.

- GLOB Master


Restaurant Biz bad for women

If you're a woman, what makes a restaurant dangerous isn't the sharp knives or the hot griddle: It's an isolated area of the kitchen, like the dry storage pantry.

That's where Miranda Rosenfelt, 31, then a cook at Jackie's restaurant in Silver Spring, was headed one day seven years ago to help out with inventory, at the request of one of her direct supervisors, who she says had been harassing her for months.

As reported on the WASHINGTON POST website with video - READ MORE

About that stuffing/dressing. . .

Despite its reputation, Thanksgiving dinner is not a one-size-fits-all meal, a table set in brown from coast to coast. America is too vast, too inventive and too flush with immigrants from around the globe to subscribe to a single, unified vision of the holiday feast.

The evidence is right on your table: You could argue that no other Thanksgiving staple better reflects the nation's diversity than the side dish known as stuffing. Variations abound, and they venture well beyond the choice of breads

As reported on the WASHINGTON POST website - READ MORE

Making perfect mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving are serious business, but for Chef Barbie Marshall mashed potatoes are serious business no matter when she makes them. Chef Barbie is the in-house caterer at Ruba Club in Philadelphia and currently a contestant on "Hell's Kitchen All Stars."

Chef Barbie took some time out from all she has going on to give us her top tips on making the best mashed potatoes.

As reported on the MOTHER NATURE NETWORK with recipe - COOK MORE

Food52 Thanksgiving answers

By now, you may be familiar with our hotline, our helpful forum for those with cooking conundrums. Every November, our hotline picks up a little steam. Lots of meals are being planned—and cooked!—and the questions start rolling in. We get it—Thanksgiving and the holidays can be daunting. We're here to help.

As reported on the FOOD52 website - READ MORE

Best Mac 'n Cheese in every state

Macaroni 'n cheese has been America's sweetheart since 1937. This creamy, cheesy, "carbo loaded" goodness brings back the good ol' childhood memories of eating Kraft mac 'n cheese after a long day of kindergarten. Simpler times made more delicious with a warm bowl of noodles and cheese—those were the days. Although plain mac 'n cheese is good on it's own, some places do it a little differently. Here are the best places for mac 'n cheese in every state across the country.

As reported on the Spoon University website with images - READ MORE

F&W's vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes

Whether you're looking for a satisfying alternative to turkey or want to have a variety of vegetable-forward side dishes, these recipes are all perfect for the holiday season. From a winter-vegetable shepherd's pie to luscious pumpkin lasagna, here are delicious vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes.

As reported on the Food & Wine website with recipes - READ MORE

30 day thankfullness challenge

A 2011 study published in Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being found that people who journaled for 15 minutes about what they were grateful for slept better than those who didn't journal

To reap all of these benefits, all you need to do is record and take note of items you're thankful for. Since Thanksgiving is in November (in the U.S.), LIVESTRONG.COM is hosting a daily gratitude challenge. Will you join us?

As reported on the LIVESTRONG website - READ MORE

Weekend Events, November 17, 2017


5:00: 'One tree beer launch' Florida Museum, First Magnitude Brewing Company, 1220 SE Veitch St. Florida Museum scientists have collaborated with the First Magnitude Brewing Company to create a limited release "One Tree" beer', a pale ale that incorporates as many branches of the Tree of Life as possible.



5:00: Thankful For Love, Free Ricky Kendall concert, Heartwood Soundstage, 619 S. Main St. An Album Release of Ricky Kendall's Children's album. Free Outdoor Concert and Kids Carnival in the Heartwood Music Park (next to Heartwood Soundstage 619 South Main St.



6:00: Trashformations, Florida Museum, 3215 Hull Rd. The Florida Museum will display winning entries from the 19th Annual Trashformations through Monday, Nov. 27. This event is made possible in part by the Alachua County Solid Waste & Resource Recovery office and the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners.



6:00: Friday Family Dance Party, Depot Park, 200 SE Depot Ave. Free and open to the public Depot Park's family friendly dance party with DJ Billy Beats gets everybody moving to the beat. Bring your friends and make new ones too. There's something for everyone to dance to.



8:00: My Friend Dahmer, OPENING NIGHT, Hipp Cinema, Downtown. In 2012 "Derf" Backderf release his graphic novel My Friend Dahmer, a retelling of his time at Eastview Junior High and Revere High School and his friend at the time, Jeffery Dahmer. This is the film adaptation of that story,



9:00: Nature Tours with Miles, Depot Park, 200 SE Depot Ave. Depot Parks nature guru and Depot Park Ambassador, hosts tours focusing on the conservation area at Depot Park. Meet at the East Overlook next to the main parking lot at 9am. Recommended: water bottle, sunscreen, hat, and binoculars if you have them.



7:00: One Tree, One Planet Encore, Florida Museum of Natural History, 3215 Hull Road . Internationally renowned artist Naziha Mestaoui depicting the Tree of Life, the map of the relationships that link every living thing. See short, animated film about Earth's stunning biodiversity, produced by James Oliverio and a team of digital artists at the University of Florida's Digital Worlds Institute. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information, and videos..



7:30: Both Sides Now, Songs Tribute to Joni Mitchell, Hartwood Soundstage, 619 S. Main St.. Singers include: Janet and Maggie Rucker, Cathy DeWitt, Samara Crutchfield. Janet also plays guitar and piano, Cathy also plays piano. The rest of the band is David Beede, dulcimer; Michael Derry, guitars; Brad Bangstad, keyboard; Richard Bassil, bass; Rob Rothschild, drums/percussion. And a couple of surprise appearances!



2:30: Susie H. Baxter, ACLIB Local Author Series, Meeting Room A, Alachua County Library Headquarters Branch, Downtown. Ms. Baxter serves as Creative Nonfiction Editor of Bacopa Literary Review, the annual journal of the Writers Alliance of Gainesville and teaches memoir writing through the Enrich Program of Santa Fe College. She is the author of C.G. and Ethel: A Family History and Write Your Memoir: One Story at a Time.


5:00: St. Andrews Day Evensong, Holy Trinity Methodist Church, 100 NE 1st St. Holy Trinity Church comes to life with the sound of bagpipes at the 22nd annual ST. ANDREW'S DAY SERVICE Sunday, at 5 p.m. The Holy Trinity Choir, Bagpipers, and Scottish Dancers and Singers present a service of Choral Evensong for the Feast of St. Andrew. Communion from the Reserved Sacrament is available in the chapel, and a reception follows the service.

UF Roundballers tip-off tonight

Year 3 of the Mike White era tips off against Gardner-Webb in the first meeting between the two programs. The No. 8 Florida Gators returns two starters from last year's team, plus another three players who were prominent backups, including senior point guard and Sweet 16 hero Chris Chiozza, whose suffered a shoulder sprain in a Nov. 2 preseason game against Jacksonville, but is expected to play Gardner-Webb opened its season Friday night, losing 77-45 at No. 13 Miami.

As reported on the UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA GATOR website - READ MORE

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