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Art & About: The Rocky Horror Show

Art & About: The Rocky Horror Show

No virgins at this Rocky Horror Show

By Nicole Caldwell, GLOB Art & About Correspondent

In the opening night performance of the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre's production of The Rocky Horror Show there were three "virgins" in the audience. So there goes my theory that everyone has seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show movie.

ART's production of Richard O'Brien's The Rocky Horror Show was masterfully directed by longtime ART regulars Jessica Arnold and Shay Smith.



For those virgins out there, The Rocky Horror Show starts with Brad and Janet getting engaged, then getting lost and blowing a tire. In their search for a phone (remember this takes place before the cell phone came out), they end up at the castle of Dr. Frank N Furter, a transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania.

With such an iconic show, casting is often difficult. First of all, the actors must be brilliant to play these roles....they must be able to simultaneously sing, dance, and act flawlessly. Second of all, the audience has to believe in these characters as they'll likely be comparing them to Richard O'Brien, Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick, and Susan Sarandon. Talk about filling some big shoes! But this Acrosstown Repertory Theatre troupe not only met, but exceeded, expectations.

110317RockyNICKELzzGLOBbullet Laura Jackson was just as much Janet Weiss as was Susan Sarandon in the film.

zzGLOBbullet Ian Hales was as much Brad Majors as the movie's Barry Bostwick.

zzGLOBbullet Dean Antone Carvalho embodied Frank N. Furter.

zzGLOBbullet And Riff Raff? Jesse Vale might be more Riff Raff than Richard O'Brien himself!

zzGLOBbulletJohn de Goot was also an excellent Rocky Horror.



Not only that: Emma Grimm a brilliant Magenta, Stephanie Burch an exceptional Eddie, Jackie Collins a great Columbia, Andy Hurn a fantastic Dr Scott, and Eric Hill a perfect Narrator. Trixie (Chelsea Hoyt) and Roxy (Carolyne Salt) and the Ensemble of Transylvanians (Adam Lobar, Andy Hunn, Ashlyn Brooke, Cat Adams, Ed Hunter, Elizabeth Rossen, Emily Lienhart, Laura McNeill, and Tyson Adams) were superb.



To sum it up, everyone was amazing and I'm running out of adjectives. I cannot say enough good things about the acting, singing, dancing in this show. The appearance, mannerisms, vocals, everything...the entire cast completely embodied the vibe of the characters. Once again, I am in awe of the abundance of theatrical talent in our little town of Gainesville.

Can I gush for one more moment here...about John de Goot, as Rocky. While singing, he was doing push-ups and flipping around on rings hanging from the ceiling beams. I'm a great multi-tasker, but holy cow, GLOBers!

110317RockyBUTCHThe set, designed by Jessica Arnold and Adam Lishawa, captured the essence of the castle, with black walls and blood-red curtains. The choreography, by Shay Smith was perfectly suited for this show. Costumes, designed by Laura Jackson, Emma Grimm, and Ian Hales, were spot-on.

I don't want to spoil the show by revealing any more, for any virgins reading. I'll just tell you that it's amazing and you should definitely go see it.


Or Tomorrow.

Or as soon as possible.

You have until November 12. After the show, be sure stick around for an ART Post-Mission Soiree to meet the cast and learn more than you ever thought imaginable

Rocky images ny Aleksandr Wilde. The Acrosstown Repertory Theatre's production of the The Rocky Horror Show continues with various days, times schedules. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.

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