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Coming soon:  compelling stories, spectacular visuals, and inspiration

By Lynn Dirk, GLOB Content Editor

EDITOR's NOTE: Lynn Dirk is a big fan of Cinema Verde and a CV Board Member.

The 6th Annual Cinema Verde International Environmental Film and Arts Festival is right around the corner with some visually spectacular and enlightening films occurring February 12-15.

The big difference this year will be the new venue: The Paramount Plaza Conference Center on SW13th St (US 441) by the Gainesville Sun. This venue not only has plentiful and convenient parking and completely enclosed dual screening rooms, but also great spaces for discussion and relaxation between films with a scenic view of Bivens Arm Lake and with great food and drink.


Cinema Verde will be bringing more than 40+ feature length and short films that will open our eyes, our minds, and our hearts to what on earth is happening around us. There will be films about sustainable government, air and water quality, animal welfare, and the beauty of this unique planet that is our home. There will also be live music and fascinating art exhibits. Click here for a complete Cinema Verde event schedule.

It’s no coincidence that the Festival coincides with Valentines Day - the logo of the Festival is the passion flower, and by watching Cinema Verde films and discussing them together, a passion will flower in us to appreciate and care for the environment that surrounds us and sustains us. Power to flower to the people!

Film trailers and summaries of the films are available at the Cinema Verde website, as well as the ability to order tickets for individual films or passes for the whole Festival or half days.

Below are sneak peaks for 3 of the films, all having to do with journeys, one through time, one around the world, and one through the Himalayas.  More sneak peaks will follow in the days leading up to the Festival start on Feb 12.

zzGLOBbullet  012615LoveLove Thy Nature (USA, 76 min). Narrated by Liam Neeson, in a welcome relief from his Taken films. this film has spectacular visuals and a sublime score as Neeson takes on the role of “homo sapiens” and reflects on wjat we are. where our evolution has taken us, and what we our advancement is doing to the world. FOLLOW THIS LINK to see trailer.

zzGLOBbullet -12615TidesTide Lines (Canada, 95 min).  Two brothers and a friend set sail from Mexico to circumnavigate the world and surf.  In their 3-year, 40,000-nautical-mile journey crossing all the major oceans of the world and visiting some 40 countries, they discover plastic pollution on ”pristine” beaches everywhere. The film shows how the local and global effects of the ocean pollution are intertwined and explores solutions. FOLLOW THIS LINK to see trailer.

zzGLOBbullet  012615AlegriaAlegria, A Humanitarian Expedition (Switzerland, 28 min).  This journey was done completely solo with a bicycle pulling a 66-lb trailer packed with survival gear over 1,988 miles crossing the Himalayas. This traveler’s dream was to change the world by raising funds and creating public support for leprosy patients and mentally destitute women in India. With little air to breathe and temperatures between -15 to 45 degrees C, the director, who was also the cinematographer, crossed mountain passes higher than 3 miles high, transitted Nepal during Maoist unrests, and braved conflict-stricken Kashmir, all the while encountering boundless hospitality, finding new friends, and viewing spectacular landscapes among the world's highest mountains. FOLLOW THIS LINK to see trailer.

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