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Your Summer read starts today

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2014 Cinema Verde short film sneak peek

REACTOR: A Yogi, Buddhist teacher, and activist on a pilgrimage after the tsunami and Fukushima meltdown REACTOR: A Yogi, Buddhist teacher, and activist on a pilgrimage after the tsunami and Fukushima meltdown

By Lynn Dirk, GLOB Content Editor

EDITOR's NOTE: Lynn Dirk is a member of the Cinema Verde Board of Directors and is very excited  about the upcoming Cinema Verde Environmental Film & Arts Festival.

CVFFSquareFEBLast week I second-guessed myself and erroneously said 3 weeks to go. It’s happening NEXT WEEK! Starting Thursday, the 13th. Come hungry because there will be food trucks! Be ready to jitter, as there will be music. Most important, however, there will be fantastic movies.

Depot Station, the 2014 venue for Cinema Verde, is a long chain of rooms. That will be used to advantage: Movies will be screened alternately in 2 rooms so that discussions do not have to be cut short in order to start the next movie.

This week I want to mention the shorts – by that I mean the short films (less than 30 min). Most will be shown Sunday between 11 am and noon. The shortest film is 5 minutes and the longest is 26 minutes.

One of my mottos is little things make a big difference.   This might be especially true in the case of documentaries – a small seed of inspiration could have a bigger impact than you would expect. Also, most of these shorts are from students, who represent the new crop of film makers who will be making the blockbusters of tomorrow and transforming the world with their vision, and two of the student entries are from Florida!:

Farm to Table, 5 min, Sun, 1:36 pm –  National High Shool Film Competition Winner The film follows students working in their school garden and sustainable organic farm from planting to harvesting and demonstrates the link between fresh locally grown sustainable products and healthier eating while simultaneously building community and promoting the stewardship of our earth’s resources.

Reynaldo, 6 min, Sun, 1:30 pm, International College Film Competition Winner. After clearing forests for many years, Reyanalde realised a more sustainable method was needed and taught himself agroforestry, a method that integrates farming with nature: crops feed the soil and trees provide shade and protection from the wind. Now he educates others about the value of agroforestry, which helps families grow their own food and battle malnutrition.

Tailings, 12 min, Sun, 11:50 am, International College Film Competition Winner. In Grants, New Mexico, the former uranium capital of the world, is a 30-year old, 200-acre pile of toxic uranium waste that is contaminating air and water. While the town wants the prosperity new uranium mining would bring, the 200 residents living near the waste pile have had enough.

Aqua Mala, 16 min, Sun, 11 am, International College Film Competition Winner. The effects of a contaminated 3.5-mile-long natural tidal channel located in the heart of San Juan’s poorest community.

Hungry for Justice, 16 min, Sun, 5:41 pm, Created in Gainesville, Florida. One farm’s commitment to seek Food Justice Certification, a unique program in the domestic fair trade movement -- the only verification program in the marketplace that includes farmworkers and farmworker representatives in the development of standards and in the verification process.

We are the Land, 19 min, Fri, 10:45 pm. Attempting to protect nature AND culture in North Dakota from the effects of fracking. This is highly relevant now – a series of stories about this issue have been aired on National Public Radio.

As We Grow, 21 min, Sun, 1:43pm. International College Film Competition Winner – Created in Tallahassee . Follows the development of a Tallahassee student organization educating the public about food and agriculture and the positive effects of urban farming.

A Simpler Way, 25 min, Sun, 11:17 am. International College Film Competition Winner . In March of 2012 four students from Frostburg State University journeyed to a remote village in Uganda to discover a radically simple solution to an urgent global problem. What they found there changed their lives in unexpected ways.

Reactor, 34 min, Sun, 9:54 pm. This portrayal of a Yogi, Buddhist teacher, and activist who goes on a pilgrimage to Japan after the tsunami and Fukushima meltdown explores how and why we can let go of old stories and move towards personal and social awakening

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