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Po-Boy sandwich history

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Cinema Verde 2014 films announced

"Farm to Trailer" is about an Austin, Texas chef who cooks local food in a food truck "Farm to Trailer" is about an Austin, Texas chef who cooks local food in a food truck

By Lynn Dirk, GLOB Content Editor


Gainesville's internationally recognized Cinema Verde Environmental Film and Arts Festival, has announced the films that will be screened at its 5th festival next year from February 13 to 16.

The 26 films, including student entries, are, as usual, quite varied--from Atomic States of America to The Wisdom to Survive, from Species-ism to Monsters. Check out the film trailers at the Cinema Verde website. In-depth info about the films will follow as I do the Cinema Verde countdown, but here's a quick overview:

> There is both humor -- Cape Spin and Who's Afraid of the Cape Cod Bear--and tragedy--Bhopali and The Human Experiment.

>There are films about people fighting for clean water: In Agua Mala Puerto Rican students are the heroes; in We Are the Land it is American Indians in the Black Hills of Dakota fighting uranium mining.

> International selections hail from Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom.

Being the GLOB's Content Editor, I'm guessing  a favorite of mine this year will be Farm to Trailer.  This is a film about a chef in Austin who cooks local food in a food truck.  Other food-related films are GMO OMG about the widespread farming of genetically modified organisms, and In the Magic of the Green Mountains is a homage to the benefits of a life of farming.

121213WisdomThere are movies about the politics of power, in every sense of the word -- from natural gas in Gasland II, from coal in Monsters, from oil in The Wisdom to Survive, from nuclear plants in Reactor, and from windmills in Cape Spin.

Last Call addresses the critical condition of the physical environment, and Terms and Conditions May Apply addresses the vulnerability of the digital environment.

The Paws Project is about an unnecessary procedure that is debilitating for cats--big ones as well as little ones.

Trashed travels around the globe, while several others focus on events and experiences in specific communities or regions, including in Gainesville, Florida: Scott Camil Will Not Die.

Each of the movies is worth much more than a thousand words -- get the picture? Plan now to attend as many of these movies as you can, spread the word, and bring others with you to share the experience.

Last but not least, Cinema Verde is a nonprofit organization that keeps ticket prices low to attract as many as people as possible. Therefore, there is always funding raising going on, so also check out the Cinema Verde Indiegogo fundraising campaign – there are some good film festival incentives in the fund raising packages many packages include free ticket options to upcoming Cinema Verde films.

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