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Your Summer read starts today

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The Island President Gainesville Premiere, Green Drinks tonight!

The Island President Gainesville Premiere, Green Drinks tonight!

Not Just Feel Good – This Movie Is All Good

By Lynn Dirk, GLOB Content Editor

Cinema Verde's new, opening night premiere film The Island President is a great story that begins with a spectacular view of the Maldives islands, a chain of perfectly round islands in a straight line surrounded by beautiful turquoise water. It's clear the islands are barely higher than the ocean surface.

060513MaldivesMohammed Nasheed, the President of Maldives and the hero of this story, is a true superhero-- a leader who realizes, in his bones, how critical climate change is. He does everything in his power to persuade other world leaders to wake up before it's too late. He stages an underwater meeting – because his island nation will soon disappear under the ocean. He cajoles. He confronts. He laughs. He cares.

In this movie, you are like the fly on the wall wherever he is, and that intimacy embeds us in Mohammed Nasheed's amazing story: From journalist to activist, from solitary confinement in a tin shack for 18 months to president; from a tiny archipelago of 1,200 tropical islands in the Indian Ocean to a chain of high-level meetings with other world leaders in Copenhagen; from a one-man international campaign to set the global CO2 emissions cap at 350 parts per million to each one of us and our part in caring about the world.

This is a great story. Don't miss it! If you need a 2nd opinion or a 3rd or 4th, check out these film clips, reviews, and the trailer – starting with that underwater meeting:

> Underwater cabinet meeting to increase awareness of the threat of rising sea level.

> Official The Island President Trailer.

> Cine Vue film review of The Island President screening at the Human RightsWatch Festival.

> The New York Times The Island President  film review.

> The Los Angeles Times The Island President  film review.

Last but not least, Adult ticket price is only $7, $3 less than the going theater rate. 

Cinema Verde, Green Drinks Gainesville to share Gators 4 Cinema location for films, meetings

053013CVgdrinksCOMBO;ogoCinema Verde Environmental Film Festival and Green Drinks Gainesville will be jointly sponsoring monthly screenings of Cinema Verde films at the newly opened Oak's Mall Plaza's Gator 4 Cinema beginning June 5.  This new venue will provide a big screen experience, more and better seating, and easy parking. Also, Celebrations Catering will offer drinks and dinner during the Green Drinks Gainesvile meetings and Cinema Verde films.

053013TRISHmugBoth Cinema Verde and Green Drinks share the same environmental mission and objective -- to create and inspire sustainable solutions locally, regionally and internationally. Trish Riley, image right, the Director of both Cinema Verde Film Festival and Green Drinks Gainesville, explained:

"The goal of Cinema Verde and Green Drinks is to broaden the reach of environmental information so people will learn about how we can protect the natural beauty around us to benefit our children and future generations.  By bringing these two programs together, we are creating a fun event for people to attend and opportunities to work together."

053113MovieHouseThe environmental documentary to be screened on June 5th is The Island President, about the former President of the Maldives who gained fame for his fight to protect the island nation from sea rise due to climate change. This film is of particular interest to 053013CVmoviehouseFloridians in that there are some predictions of coastal flooding that will put parts of Florida under water in less than 50 years.  The story shows how government leaders and citizens can work together -- even when up against intense resistance to reducing atmospheric CO2 -- to raise awareness of risks to society from climate change.

Film ticket information, film schedules, and more news about Cinema Verde and Green Drinks you can visit the Cinema Verde.web site.

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