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Road Trip: Frog's Bar-B-Q Pad

Road Trip: Frog's Bar-B-Q Pad

Nothing fancy about this BBQ shack

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

You can count on most good ol' Southern boys in this big ol' goofy world to have a favorite BBQ joint.

My long time pal Guy York has mentioned several times that he knows of a secret rib shack, "just outside of Williston" that has THE BEST BBQ around."

That is how I was introduced to Frog's Bar-B-Q Pad on highway US27 just south of Williston.

This 20 foot by 40 foot cooking shack has been making excellent 'cue in this same location since 1941. That's a lot of ribs, pork sandwiches and chicken plates.



Guy was the chauffeur for this road trip, and, like most good old boys, Guy always had us headed in the right direction, however I'm just not sure how straight of a line we were taking from point A, Gainesville, to Point B, Frog's BBQ Pad.

When we arrived at Frog's for lunch, since I was feeling like Gomer the tourist guy with camera in hand, it was important for me to take some pics of this 'stepping back into time' BBQ lunch event. With my keen photographer's eye, I was able to catch Guy petting the ceramic head of the big frog in the Frog Pad Garden outside this N. Florida BBQ mecca.

At Frog's, it is no frills, nothin' but the 'cue.


Meme (pronounced mee-mee) the FBBQP's longtime cashier, server, and information specialist was quick to answer all my questions:

zzGLOBbullet Why does Guy York drive all the way to here from G'ville for BBQ?

zzGLOBbullet  How hot is your hot sauce?

zzGLOBbullet  And most importantly was Meme related to Mini-Me.



In spite of my questions, Meme had our two lunch specials of pork sandwiches and two sides out of the kitchen and to our table very quickly. Guy and I had both selected the cole slaw, which was very tasty with a hint of horseradish. Guy selected the baked beans as his 2nd side, and I chose French fries. Guy let me taste his beans, and they were very good. Then I had to give him some of my French fries. I love French fries. Momma would have been proud of me sharing so politely.

Mr. York was correct. This is very good BBQ. The pork was chopped into an amalgamation of very small pieces that blended extremely well with the hot sauce and the toasted bread. This trifecta of flavors created a savory combination of textures and spicy bites that not only left a good feeling in my tummy but also added tons to the great time I was enjoying with my bud. Just like true comfort food ought to do.


The Frog's Pad is a great old Florida style cinder block hut that was rebuilt many years ago after a fire burned down the original building.

This lunch stop has all the old Southern charm you should expect from a building and business that has half a century of memories.

This 'cue stand isn't for fine dining. In fact this would be an excellent Food on the Run spot if it wasn't situated out in the middle of nowhere. Nope, Frog's is the place to come see the locals, say hello and talk a little ball while you are hanging out waiting for some of the best N. Florida BBQ around.

West Texas Troubadour Robert Earl Keen says it the best:

Barbeque makes old ones feel young
Barbeque makes everybody someone
If you're feelin' puny and you don't know what to do
Treat yourself to some meat, eat some barbeque

The Pluses and Minuses of Frogs Bar-B-Q Pad:

Frogs Bar-B-Q Pad (+) indicators: Excellent, old fashioned BBQ, served wonderfully in an old Florida environment.

Frogs Bar-B-Q Pad (-) indicators:  This was a Road Trip with a great pal, no negatives here.

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