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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Out To Lunch, August 15, 2010

Check out the GLOB before making lunch plans

Have you seen, or heard, the copyright licensing ad where the frustrated inventor says, "That was my idea!"?

Well, before I go any further, I have to be honest about where I got the idea for the GLOB:


New York City's Zach Brooks came up with a really excellent idea for turning the "What do you want to do for lunch?" mind-numbing dilemma into appetizing answers, digestible information, and mid-day gastronomical satisfaction: The Midtown Lunch Blog:

You got it. Zach has created the perfect lunch planning, menu research website.

Hoping to make his idea work for Gainesville Lunch Outers, I will serve you the perfect menu for making lunch plans every day here in Hogtown.

Hey, Gainesville Lunch Outers (I?just made up that name for you -- LUNCH OUTERS. Not bad, eh?), you're not going to be surprised when I -- and all the other Lunch Outers in Gainesville -- ask for your comments, knowledge, guidance on lunching out in Gainesville are you?

Whether it's the #4 Rib Platter at David's BBQ or letting your fellow GLOBers?know that the Big Lou's Pizza Special is pepperoni, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes, this "epicurious" interactive free-for-all is only going to work with everyone's input . . . partner!

So I'll be honest . . . again: I absolutely LOVE the Big Lou's Daily Pizza Special - It's an extraordinary deal!

You disagree? Tweet me. Text me, Email me, or post your comments below. Share your lunch experiences and ideas, and I will publish your noon-meal insights right here on OUR very own blog - the GLOB.

Having all the info on all these G'ville restaurants accurate all the time will require EVERYONE to be on their toes and on the GLOB.

Hmmm . . . value added?

There is just a bit more to talk about here in the first edition of Out to Lunch (OTL):

First and best of all -- ONLY AT THE GLOB -- we have unique maps that show the locations of the complete GLOB restaurant directory OR only those serving a cuisine you select OR only those in a certain area of town - for instance, that part of town where you just happen to work, maybe Archer Road or Downtown.

The GLOB plan is to start each work day with food news: Restaurant openings and closings, lunch/food news and views. All will be posted daily as they are received.

There will be interesting feature stories about the Gainesville food world. If you have any story ideas, click here to email me. Have food thoughts to share? That's what the GLOB is for!

We will also have a GLOB Lunch Special. That's right -- we are calling on all restaurateurs to belly up to the GLOB as well.

Also for the restaurateurs: FYI, the name and address of your restaurant will always be available on the GLOB?in a restaurant directory and a map directory. If you are interested in more, there are other options available.

Inside Business

On the right, you can sign up for our email listserve and we will send you a daily email with a link to our latest GLOB edition.

Also on the right, your informative, inspired food tweets may begin immediately!

All of the things I just promised to do here on the GLOB pages are making my head spin. I haven't had expectations and excitements about a new partner like I have of you since the first time I fell head over heels.

On the rebound? That's a great reason to go get one of those tasty $3 sausage dogs from the stand in front of the East University Avenue courthouse.

BTW, what do think of that hot dog stand? There's no doubt that vendor knows quite a bit about cranking out excellent doggies or sausages for a sensible lunch price.

Which leads me to one of the better ice-breaking questions at my favorite watering hole. "Is a hotdog a sandwich?"

Michael Sanford is the GLOB Editor, Publisher and Professional a Eater. Please send him your tweets, texts, and opinions or email him at:

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  • Angie
    Angie Tuesday, 05 October 2010 21:26 Comment Link

    Mike, I enjoy the concept of the GLOB about as much as I do eating out and being considered a professional outer?! (do you own that one?) I can't resist sharing all the incredible lunch time experiences I've had. I think more than anything, its a shame people eat so much processed food product when they should be and could be eating healthy, fresh, whole foods for the same price. It is possible, even in Gainesville, to eat out and eat healthy. Thanks for all the time and energy I know you put into this blog...I do enjoy!

    Angie ;)

    JULES Monday, 30 August 2010 10:13 Comment Link

    High time we had our own lunch (anytime) food blog!

    Best / favorite restaurants: Marks Downtown, Dragonfly, La, Buddha Belly,
    Indian Cuisine on 34th Street.

  • Bubba Scott
    Bubba Scott Saturday, 21 August 2010 22:14 Comment Link

    I'm not one to sit at a computor and surf the internet. Surfing belongs in the water. However, your GLOB gives me a place to find out where to go and not to go for a good meal. Just like in growing vegetables, I want to know how my produce tastes. The only way to find out is to listen to those who eat what I grow. When it's not good, it's time to make a few adjustments. Resturants should want the same from those who eat what they serve.

    The only way bad can be turned in to good, is when our ears hear what they need to hear and not what they want to hear. This is going to be the place people come too, before they go.

  • Rick
    Rick Friday, 20 August 2010 15:51 Comment Link

    Can't wait to get started with this. I'm looking for eating options mostly on the east side of town.

  • Jean U.
    Jean U. Monday, 16 August 2010 09:18 Comment Link

    Yea Mike, beautiful graphics. I wanted to tell folks that Bageland at Thornbrook Village off of NW 43 Ave. has wonderful and affordable and authenic Asian food specials on Tues. and Thurs. The owner cooks up a bit of heaven from her native Vietnam. The Bagals and other lunch specials are always great. Go early to beat the crowd.

  • Trish
    Trish Monday, 02 August 2010 11:45 Comment Link

    Nice work, Mike! I love your GLOB!

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