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Mission Epicurious: Ice cream birthday joy

Mission Epicurious: Ice cream birthday joy

I scream, you scream...!

By Melissa Kahan, GLOB Correspondent

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that my favorite food is by far chopped liver. Just kidding! It's without a doubt ice cream. Well, sweets in general, but I do love ice cream loaded with sprinkles. I love ice cream so much that I wrote a paper on it for a class a couple of years ago. Needless to say, when my favorite local ice cream shop, Sweet Dreams, was celebrating its 10th birthday on the very weekend of my birthday, I was enthused! I was even more over the moon, pun intended (see the Sweet Dreams sign), that this 10th anniversary entailed a "Crazy Flavor Weekend" for three magical nights in a row of 36 magically inventive flavors.



Of course the anticipation was too much to wait until Sunday, my actual birthday, to venture to the crazy flavor extravaganza, so I recruited two friends, Alyssa (left) and Holly (right), who were all too happy to explore the sweet crazy goodness on the first night (Friday). I have been to Sweet Dreams a number of times, and there is always a great selection of flavors that pique this food adventurer's taste buds. Two previous favorites flavors of mine are milk stout and vanilla chai.  However, the weekend's choices surpassed all previous flavors.

I didn't know where to begin: Should I try the Lemon Basil? Perhaps the Guava would provide a nice tartness. What about the exotic Tahini flavor or the Mayan Chocolate? How about Georgia State Trooper for some variety? It was overwhelming. The very nice ice cream scooper servers informed us that, for this weekend, the charge was $1.25 for smaller scoops to promote the many different flavors. The three of us justified that the mini scoops allowed for a few more flavors than we normally would, and of course, how could we resist a waffle bowl a.k.a. the best of both worlds. My close friends knew my adoration of sprinkles, but did not share in that delight.



I finally settled on four — yes, four — flavors that I hoped would meld together cohesively. I loved that all the flavors were similarly colored so I had to guess which flavor was which in the bowl. It reminds me of those boxes of assorted chocolate -- unless you cheat and check the descriptions guide, you don't know what's inside until you take a bite. I not-so-secretly love those too.

zzGLOBbullet The Kulfi flavor with rose water, pistachios and cardamom was a light, refreshingly sweet combination that was almost a palette cleanser in the best, tastiest way possible. The three elements melded so delicately together, like the tiny dancer of ice cream.

zzGLOBbullet The Turkish Delight scoop was very intriguing, as it had a similar light, fresh feel as the Kulfi but for some reason melted very quickly. Alyssa got the flavor as well and just this one scoop melted in her bowl as quickly as it did in mine. Regardless, the honey ice cream was the perfect backdrop for the mix of pomegranate, fig, and pistachios folded in it. I really enjoy varied textures as well as varied flavors.

zzGLOBbullet The Guinness flavor was certainly the stand-out flavor in the sea of sweet, soft flavors. I have always been fond of Sweet Dreams beer-flavored selections before, and this was no exception. It had a distinct brew flavor as if I was eating the sugared-up version of a Guinness stout. It did get a little rich after a while, though.

zzGLOBbullet Last but certainly not least, Baklava flavor is a dream. It was akin to eating the ice cream equivalent of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal with milk. I was especially pleased and impressed with the chunks of Baklava that kept its consistency amidst the dairy delight. I couldn't get enough.



I highly recommend all the flavors I tried. In addition, Alyssa's Honey Apple Butter scoop was certainly true to name in the best way possible, and the Dragon 5-Spice was quite the intriguing one. If I had more room, I would have gotten a scoop of the Sweet Rice flavor, as well.

It is rare that all the flavors happen to taste great. Alyssa put it best: "I wish I could try them all. Literally all of the flavors actually sound really good." The temptation to return another night and fulfill this desire was all too real. I know Sweet Dreams has these events more than just for their anniversary, so make sure to follow their Facebook page and see what event will be next!

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  • michael
    michael Friday, 30 September 2016 10:56 Comment Link

    the fall chocolate night is usually the sunday after homecoming

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