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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Tropical Smoothie Cafe, NW 16th Blvd.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe, NW 16th Blvd.

It is true sometimes convenience can be 70% of the lunchtime equation. The GLOB Master got behind schedule one morning recently and missed his obligatory 6:30 trek for breakfast. Thus my blood sugar devils, er, ugh, levels were screaming out 'FEED ME.'

I quickly thought of the Tropical Smoothie Café Caribbean Jerk Chicken Bowl with rice, black beans, cheddar, roasted pineapple salsa, romaine & spicy jerk sauce.

The Tropical Smoothie Café is one of two locations in Gainesville and eight walking minutes from my front door located on the corner of NW 43rd St. and NW 16th Blvd.

avocoladasmoothie300This bowl of yummy goodness is a perfect lunch of crunch greens, healthy veggies, and an allowable portion of yummy chicken protein to get me through my diabetes - number counting - portion control madness. Thank you Tropical Smoothie Café and your Caribbean Jerk Chicken Bowl with rice, black beans, cheddar, roasted pineapple salsa, romaine & spicy jerk sauce ($6.49).

The crispy lettuce and veggies, creates a delicious combination of a pleasing looking lunchtime palette of ingredients including roasted chicken (Protein), shredded cheddar cheese, (Protein), and small portion of black beans (Proteins) and white rice (a devil like Carbohydrate IMO), and candied apples (RBC really bad carbs). A side of Spicy Jerk Sauce was tangy, spicy touch to my lunch.

The TSJCB flavors were fresh, and astounding. The crunch of the lettuce melded nicely with the roasted chicken and tangy jerk sauce. "I should do this every day," I thought to myself as i stared at the tabletop card depicting a yummy looking, green, Avocolada Smoothie with avocado, pineapple, spinach, kale, coconut & lime. 

OMG GLOBers!  I could walk for an hour to enjoy, share one of those yummy looking smoothies for lunch. 





Breakfast sandwich works for GLOB Master

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

TSCsfMH600The new Tropical Smoothie on NW 23rd Blvd. near Leonardo's Pizza in the Pan serves breakfast all day, and the GLOB Master thinks the Southwest Omelet Wrap is at the top of the TS menu. How good is the Tropical Smoothie breakfast wrap, GLOBers? It is a breakfast sandwich that rivals my Bagel Bakery breakfast triumvirate, and it is half the price of a bagel, small muffin, and large soda.

I'm thinking I am going to like this fresh fruit, 7:00 am breakfast addition at the corner of NW 43rd St. and 16th Blvd.



There is an order counter and a few tables to lunch on. Kudos to the TS franchise designer for using very large images on the wall. I learned in the old newspaper days an average photograph will become very dramatic if you can make it large enough. It works at this restaurant.

The dining area is clean and the counter to place order is smart and trendy. A big thank you to the smoothie gods for figuring out how to reduce the noise of multiple blenders grinding, crunching, and smoothing practically anything in sight.

Right up there with very good entrees and smoothies are the Tropical Smoothie staffers manning this breakfast/lunch stop.



From left: Sheena Cooper, TS Manager Amber Johnson, and Ashley Long have the morning grind figured out. Now, granted, I am there on the way early side of 8 am. So recently when the tune MY SHARONNA blared out of the speaker extremely loudly, it was cool see Amber and her staff getting down and doing serious dancing–WOOO HOOO!

TROPsmoDOCKTropical Smoothie specializes in liquid lunches so GLOB Content Editor Lynn Dirk and I decided on two smoothies described as Supercharged Smoothies. The healthy smoothies that didn't appear as too sugary are the Avocolada, with avocado, pineapple, spinach, kale, coconut & lime juice ($4.99) and the Peanut Paradise Smoothie with peanut butter, banana, non-fat yogurt, and choice of protein ($4.99). Protein choices are whey, soy, or pea. Smoothies come in 24-ounce cups.

The smoothies were very good. Lynn suggested the peanut for me as I always need a little more protein in my bones and muscles. I added whey for additional protein and this was a very yummy drink. The banana flavor was pronounced but I could taste the peanut butter. This smoothie was very easy to drink, and I surprised Lynn when I quickly drank the entire smoothie. And Lynn drank hers just as fast as I drank mine, maybe even faster. The one thing she wondered is whether the smoothies included any fiber because after the foam dissipated, the smoothie did not appear to have any fiber and that is a very important part of the nutrition of fruits and veggies. Research needed!

There are 11 smoothies including the Paradise Point and Mango Magic ($3.99). Super Food Smoothies include the Pomegranate Plunge and the Caribbean C-Burst ($4.99). There are also four Indulgent Smoothies.



There is a complete Tropical Smoothie menu at the restaurant link below. The prices are very reasonable, including a Smoothie & a Half Special where you get any smoothie and your choice of half sandwich or half salad ($6.99). A better deal is to add a 24-oz smoothie to any lunch menu item: flatbread, sandwich, wrap, salad, or two tacos for an additional $3.00. For kids, there are 12-oz Smoothies.

I offered half of my Southwest Omelet wrap with eggs, grilled chicken, pepper jack, tomatoes, spinach and chipotle mayo in a toasted flour tortilla ($4.75) to Lynn and she said it was good but unremarkable.



The surprise ingredient for the GLOB Master was the Chipotle Mayo. This luscious condiment melted down into my wrap seemingly touching every other sandwich ingredient. The price at $4.75 is also surprising.

The feeling of satisfaction from the smaller than usual – for the GLOB master -- breakfast prize satisfies my morning food cravings in a very good way. I'm going back to Tropical Smoothie. Maybe I could talk Amber into a Southwest Omelet Wrap BOGO deal if I show her what a good dancer I am . . .

The Pluses and Minuses of the Tropical Smoothie Cafe:

Tropical Smoothie Cafe (+) indicators: Good, cheap breakfast sandwiches. The Caribbean Jerk Bowl sound sinteresting.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe  (-) indicators: None noted.

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Additional Info

  • Phone Number: 352 379-9988
  • Address: 4123-4217 NW 16th Blvd.
  • Urban GLOB Location: NW 16th Avenue
  • Latitude: 29.673110
  • Longitude: -82.388577
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