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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Grill Fresh, C:OSED, May 2016

Grill Fresh, C:OSED, May 2016

Food-in-a-bowl is lunchtime adventure

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

GRILLfreshSFI Have mentioned more than once on this website that eating lunch out of a bowl is not necessarily the GLOB Master's cup of tea.

Thinking this thought while selecting my ingredients for a Grill Fresh Four Bowl of really fresh looking ingredients creating a certain amount confusion in my lunch hour routine as I pushed down the food line choosing some of that, a little bit of this.

All the selections looked delicious, fresh and beckoned EAT ME in large letters.

If you are not familiar with this Grill Fresh drill:

zzGLOBbullet GFmantraYou choose your bowl size from a Six Bowl, Four Bowl, or a small bowl size for lunch.

zzGLOBbullet Next you can choose your base ingredient from seasonal choices including Brown Rice, Veggie Spiced Rice, Fresh Herb Roasted Potatoes, and Sweet Potato Noodles.

zzGLOBbullet Step three is choosing your veggies from a list that includes braised Brussel sprouts, Grilled Mushrooms, and Roasted Broccoli.

zzGLOBbullet Next you select your protein from varied list that includes herb marinated tofu, grilled steak, and sesame tuna poke.

zzGLOBbullet Finally you choose a sauce from a list of five sauces. Plus there is an Add On list of additional sauces for an additional upcharge.

There is a complete GRILL Fresh menu at the restaurant link at the bottom of this page

I like to blame it on my old head injury when I am overwhelmed with more choices than you can shake fork at. Such was the case as my quandary grew gazing down the line of food choices disappearing into infinity.



Special thanks to Abacus the Grill Fresh server that was patiently waiting out my indecision.

"I'm going to have the Four Bowl with Kale salad, Brussel Sports, green beans, tomatoes," I said waiting for a response form Abacus.

What king of protein are you having today," He asks ready to move me on down the line.

"Let's do the Shredded Pork please," I reply feeling better about completing my lunch time inventory. I did add some salsa, and cheese topping to my bowl.

My Grill Fresh Four Bowl sounded really good with several items I haven't enjoyed of last. With a $2.25 drink my bill was a decent $11.15.



I was presented my lunch in a sturdy cardboard bowl where the cheese and salsa reined supreme sitting atop of all the ingredients in my bowl.

Diving into my lunch bowl I quickly recognized the sharp flavor of my Kale base ingredient. The Brussel Sprouts were a nice addition to my lunch albeit they were cooked a little too long for my taste, The cheese and salsa made or a festive, puckering taste in my mouth. This was a good salad, lunch, bowl of food?

022519BowlI added a News For Your Eatification story this morning about America's Bowl Culture that makes for a good read today:

Bowls represent comfort in their rotundity. Our earliest memories include eating Fruit Loops or mac-and-cheese out of bowls emblazoned with images of Peter Rabbit. Whether filled with matzoh ball soup to feed a cold, or Chunky Monkey ice cream to soothe a broken heart, bowls are what we have turned to in times of crisis for generations.


My food in a bowl lunch was good. Many of the flavors were enhanced by the especially fresh ingredients. Grill Fresh is an interesting, different lunch spot for the GLOB Master. The ambience is special. The open windows and fresh air this early Spring makes lunch a social communal happening.

Maybe that's the answer GLOBers. When I want to be a healthy eater I still battle years of a 'clean you plate' attitude. I appreciate the value of a plated meal and the excitement of surveying the lunch odyssey that lays before me.

The Pluses and Minuses of Grill Fresh

Grill Fresh + indicators:  Healthy, fresh, crisp, and crunchy veggies for yhis non-bowl lunch time eating professional.

Grill Fresh - indicators:  Popular, busy lunchstop, patience is a must.

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  • Phone Number: (352) 505-5282
  • Address: 17 NW 17th St, Gainesville, FL 32603
  • Urban GLOB Location: Midtown
  • Latitude: 29.65225
  • Longitude: -82.34473
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  • Laury Oliver
    Laury Oliver Friday, 13 May 2016 07:38 Comment Link

    It is possible that some Lucky stores are not as crowded as others. My family shops at Lucky on NW 13th St. The produce and salad bar are excellent. Everything is very clean and it looks delicious. We buy most produce and salad there.

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