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Free Wendy's burgers in March

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Mike S. GLOB Master

Mike S. GLOB Master

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Art & About: 'All's Fair'

MILLENNIAL take on this thing called love

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

I was glad I read the Acrosstown' Repertory Theatre's Sloan Henry's ALL's FAIR Playwright's Notes in the program during the show's intermission. Ms. Henry's description of the personal interchanges, actions of the four young adults, millennial, crystalize a me, myself, and I board game like strategy of maneuvers, battles, winning and losing not unlike the table top game of RISK where kings of countries battle for a successful outcome of a winner takes all victory.

This is the final weekend of ALL's FAIR and if you think you have relationships figured out my suggestion is you give this show an evening of your time.


032218GrownThis story of young love pits two couples, four good friends, at odds with each other in search of their interpretation of the missing chalice of love. The ALL's FAIR screenplay was the winner of last year's Gainesville Homegrown Local Playwrights' Showcase and Ms. Henry has created a thought provoking story of would-a, should-a, could-a actions dressed up in the clothing of today's youthful generation of individuals described as millennials.

Kudos and high fives to first time Direct Jennifer Hutton for laying the groundwork for this human exercise, no, Game Of Life v.2018 game. Ms. Hutton sets the stage for this story perfectly in her Director Notes: "Out of necessity we tackle so many aspects of our lives with strategy and intent – The Millenial's mind is hard-wired to approach life like a game."

I thought it was important to start with the back story because the Art Actors right way, and smartly present the four 'leading' characters as young, up and coming professionals ready to take on the world as they see it while any other ideas, plans impacting their lives be damned.



ALL's FAIR story takes place in the home of Axel (Ryan Wicks) and Skylar (Emma Graham) share conversation at a table with there best friends Will (Aleksandr Wilde), and Terra (Asia Zaffere). Skylar confesses to Alex their relationship isn't working and perhaps changing partners with Will and Terra might be good for everyone. Skylar takes charge of the idea and she and Axel hatch an "Art of War"- style plan to break up the other couple to further their own romantic interests.

The story builds to a resounding crescendo when Skylar's self conspired. . .  strategy goes awry for her with a surprising unexpected personal consequence upsetting this 'game of love' for everyone.

The ALL's FAIR cast of actors is a strong troupe of individual's comprising an excellent cross section of young adults trying to figure out there roles in a changing world:


zzGLOBbullet 032218MEN300TERRA: All ready an established teacher she is ready to make the move with her man where ever his career might take him. Wait a minute, was Axel coming onto her just now?

zzGLOBbullet WILL: Ready to be an important photographer Will's sights are on the future. He and Skylar have been friends since early in their college years. Past times, recollections are fondly spoken about often between the best friends.

zzGLOBbullet AXEL: A second year law student, really not sure about his future, however he is committed to his relationship with Skylar.

zzGLOBbullet SKYLAR: Life isn't working for Skylar. Working as a five-star baker is good. However she misses the good times from the past she and Will shared.

Skylar passively, and very aggressively, weaves a story to include all four of these individuals into considering her plot of changing partners might not be such a bad idea.

Then as Tom Waits so aptly describes, "Hell Broke Loose." In a series of unplanned events this group's ideas, schemes, and actions take a life of their own with surprising consequences.



The A R T Design Team created a masterful set with an impressive 'balcony view' for the Commander (Wilfredo Gonzalez) to view the game of love's match taking place below him. Not to slight this always professional and amazing tech crew but the characters and script were so engrossing the actors could have been standing in a parking lot delivering their soliloquies and I would have been equally absorbed in the outcome.

This was a good show with nice timing for the GLOB Master. I seem to be spending more time with my own would-a, should-a, could-a world of with, or without love.

Watching these four actors on the stage, in front of me, struggling to find their perfect partner left me wondering; "Aren't relationships created by two people partnering together?"  Not so for these young people grasshopper, in this group of self centered individuals, er, ugh, twenty first century millennials.



Much applause to Emma Grimm and her portrayal of Skylar, image right above. I am an empathetic guy. I was feeling Skylar's pain as she tried to understanding the emotions of her world.  Her relationship was workingght for her. Then her universe turns dramatically upside down.  Ms. Grimm's portrayal had my heart hurting for Skylar.

Asia Zaffeeres' Terra steals the scene at the end of the show when she appears genuinely dumbfounded by the acutely painful series of unfortunate events crashing down on her world.

As a male animal I think the actors Ryan Wicks and Aleksandr Wilde gave masterful performances of characters not quite 'fleshed out' as to the degree the female characters were. I speak more about this phenomenon below.

The Commander played by Wilfred Gonzalez moved ALL's FAIR story forward with the tick-tocking of a game clock and smart, clever observations of the intimatelt, personal game of chess being not unlike the thing we call love.



Now that I have seen S. HENRY's play I am left with questions regarding relationships

zzGLOBbullet Interesting the ALL's FAIR male characters both remarry. Does that mean they did not stop playing the game of love? Were they never really impacted by the Skylar's stories, events like the female characters? Or are they just dumb, insensitive men . . .?

Skylar devised, concocted, and manipulated the progress of this game more like a table top game of RISK resulting in a result of marginal losers, subjective winners. Like most worthwhile events, regardless of age, in this game of love winning is in the eye of who is steering the relationship, and that makes the process, result completely subjective.

Most games end with winners and losers and singer songwriter John Hiatt obviously has spent his share of time in the barrel of love writing many, many songs of love and heartbreak:

The ugly ducklings don't turn into swans
And glide off down the lake
Whether your sunglasses are off or on
You only see the world you make
Are you ready for this thing called love
Don't come from you and me,
It comes from up above
I ain't no porcupine, take off your kid gloves
Are you ready for this thing called love
- Thing Called Love
-- John Hiatt

EDITOR's NOTE: Special Thanks to Jennifer Hutton, and the Across Town Repertory team for the ALL's FAIR Images. Actor's trom left in the image at the top of this review: Axel (Ryan Wicks), and Skylar (Emma Grimm), right. Actor' in image center: Terra (Asia Zaffere) and Will (Aleksandr Wilde).


The ART ALL's Fair continues through March 24 with this weekend being the final shows for this Acrosstown Repertory Theatre World Premiere. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.

Regarding the tipping equation

At restaurants across America, servers calculate how far is too far, weighing harassing behavior against the tips they need to make a living wage.

Aat a steakhouse in Gonzales, La., Jaime Brittain stammered and walked away when a group of men offered a $30 tip if she'd answer a question about her pubic hair. She returned and provided a "snappy answer" that earned her the tip, but acknowledges having mixed feelings about the episode.

"Literally every time it happens, I will have this inner monologue with myself: 'Is this worth saying something, or is it not?'" said Ashley Maina-Lowe, a longtime server and bartender in Tucson. "Most of the time I say, 'No, it's not worth it.'

As reported on the NEW YORK TIMES website with video - LEARN MORE!

Understanding grocery store eggs

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service, Americans consumed a little over 19 pounds of eggs per person in 2015, the most recent year with available statistics. That's the equivalent of 144 eggs, and sometimes it feels as if there are nearly that many options when you're staring at the display case in the grocery store.  Washington Post want to simplify the process for you. Here's what you need to consider.

As reported on the WASHINGTON POST website - LEARN MORE!

What is real Barbecue?

Are real barbecue ribs slathered in sauce or rubbed with dry spices? It depends on who you ask.

Several years ago, on my now defunct South Jersey Locavore blog, I posted a recipe for Slow Cooker Southern Pulled Pork with Cole Slaw. What I learned from that experience is that barbecue is serious stuff, and the people who love it can get passionate about who can make it an.

As reported on the MOTHER NATURE NETWORK website - EAT MORE!

Free Wendy's burgers in March

You know what's better than a Wendy's burger? Two Wendy's burgers. This month, the chain is giving customers two ways to get free burgers, just because. All you have to do is get your phone out (iPhone or Android) and download the Wendy's app. Then, go to your account and click "Offers." The free Wendy's deals will be listed there. Here's what's up for grabs this month:

As reported on the SPOON UNIVERSITY website - GET MORE!

Weekend Events, March 16, 2018


6:00: Art Market / Live Music Show, High Dive, 210 SW 2nd Ave. Free event featuring local artists, craftsmen, and musicians sharing their passion and love for all things artistic. Over 20 artists/vendors with live painting, local musicians performing during the event, ice cold adult beverages available inside or in the beer garden, and tons of local talent. A portion of proceeds from this show to benefit Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.


8:00: All's Fair, OPENING NIGHT, Acrosstown Repertory Theatre, 619 S. Main St., various days - times. Gainesville's newest play, written by Sloane Henry and developed at last year's Gainesville Homegrown Local Playwrights' Showcase. The story opens with a couple, each in love with opposite members of their closest couple-friends, who hatch an Art-of-War-styled plan to break up the other couple to further their own romantic interests – until greater forces intervene.



8:00: Mud, OPENING NIGHT, Actor's Warehouse, 619, NE 1st St., various days - times.  Hopeful, hard-working Mae lives in bleak rural poverty, but she is going to school, and plans to better her life through the refined magic of reading and arithmetic. Lloyd, who lives with Mae, spends his time caring a little too much for the farm animals; he scorns to learn from a book, and treats Mae with angry disrespect.




9:00: Suwannee Valley Quilt Festival, Downtown Trenton. Featuring a myriad of craft and antique vendors and numerous quilting groups who will be displaying more than 400 quilts. Also features demonstrations and new exhibits at the Florida Quilt Museum and Suwannee Valley Quilt Shoppe, while event goers can enjoy food provided by vendors, live music, dancers, and a car and tractor show.



10:00: Can you dig it? Florida Museum of Natural History, UF Cultural Plaza, 3215 Hull Road. This annual free event offers visitors an opportunity to learn about Earth's geological wonders by taking part in numerous hands-on activities and demonstrations including an augmented reality sandbox, a geologic time tunnel, earthquake experiments and an exploration of how oil spills are cleaned up among other activities.




11:00: Annual Cornhole Tournament, Swamphead Brewery, 3650 SW 42nd Ave. Join Peaceful Paths Domestic Abuse Network and the UF Child Protection Team for their Annual Corn Hole Tournament this St. Patrick's Day. Check-in begins at 12:00 pm and the tournament kicks off at 12:00 pm. In addition to prizes, raffle drawings and food trucks, All proceeds will benefit Peaceful Paths and the UF-Child Protection Team- Gainesville. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.



4:00: Finding the Fountain of Youth, Matheson Museum, 513 E, University Ave. Juan Ponce de León reached the shores of Florida on April 2, 1513. Although historians have long debunked the myth of the conquistador's search for the Fountain of Youth, his fabled quest remains inextricably tied to the image of the Sunshine State. Author Rick Kilby back at the Matheson to discuss his award-winning book "Finding the Fountain of Youth: Ponce de León and Florida's Magical Waters." The current free exhibit and artifacts in the Museum's Mary Ann Cofrin Exhibit Hall is based on this book and was donated by Kilby. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.



5:00: Original Gainesville Food Truck Rally, High Dive, 210 SW 2nd Ave. Food Truck Rally and St Paddy's Party at High Dive. Vote for your favorite food truck with $$, all donations benefiting Habitat for Humanity.



6:00: Soja, Heartwood Soundstage, 619 South Main St. Combining elements of rock, country, folk, hip-hop, and jazz influences with occasional Latin, hardcore and Washington D.C.'s go-go flourishes into a distinctive reggae identity. Making their first appearance in Gainesville in over 5 years with a brand new album POETRY IN MOTION and a HUGE production to the Heartwood field for this show.



8:30: The Wedding Plan, ONE NIGHT ONLY, Gainesville Jewish Film Festival, Hippodrome, Downtown Gainesville. At 32, Michal is finally looking forward to the comfort and security if marriage, when she is blindsided by her fiance's decision to call off the wedding with only a month's notice. Unwilling to return to a lonely single life, Michal decides to put her trust in fate and continue with her wedding plans, believing Mr. Right will appear by her chosen date.



2:00: Israel Why (Pourquoi Israël), ONE NIGHT ONLY, Gainesville Jewish Film Festival, Hippodrome, Downtown Gainesville. Shoah filmmaker Claude Lanzmann's first film. The documentary examines life in Israel twenty-five years after the birth of the state. Lanzmann spends time with, among others, German-Jewish émigrés, intellectuals, dock workers, police, prison inmates, and the newly arrived surveying life in the new homeland.



4:00: UF Jazz Band with Scott Wilson, Gainesville Woman's Club, 2809 W. University Ave. This event is a GWC signature project, which will benefit the community and the Gainesville Arts and Parks (GAP) Foundation, Inc. Proceeds from the fundraiser will be donated to the GAP Foundation for future park improvements at the NE 31st Avenue Park.



7:00: Hagiga: The Story of Israeli Cinema, ONE NIGHT ONLY, Gainesville Jewish Film Festival, Hippodrome, Downtown Gainesville. This documentary tells the story of Ephraim Kishon, Uri Zohar and Menachem Golan armed with humor, chutzpah and courage managed to make international headlines, including Oscar nominations and prizes at Cannes.

The right container for left overs

Many of the containers in my overflowing cabinet are of the plastic takeout variety. Others are standard grocery store quality. Many are missing lids; plenty are cloudy after repeat trips though the dishwasher. Getting new, high-quality containers — and using the right ones at the right time — is one of those things constantly in the back of my mind, but I've never quite made it happen.

As reported on the WASHINGTON POST website - CONTAIN MORE!


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